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Have You Ever Heard Of This???


LawnSite Member
Celina Ohio
O.K. I heard there is some type of fertilizer of sorts that keeps the grass green but slows the growth so your only cutting an inch or so each week instead of 4-6 inches.
Have you ever heard of such a thing or is someone just blowing smoke???
If it is out there whats the name of it?
What are the negatives of using it.
I'd be willing to apply it for free just to be able to cut faster.

MODERATORS: I know this question would better fit in another forum but lets be honest it will be seen by many more "cutters" right here. Thanks Again!

Big Wes

LawnSite Member
Ironite will green the lawn up without the excess growth. works like a charm


LawnSite Senior Member
Any iron only product like Ironite will green up a lawn without adding to growth. It will give you the green like Nitrogen (N) in fertilizer without the top growth. Here in Central FL we like to use it in August/Sept for a boost in green without giving the chinch bugs new, tender growth to munch and thrive on. About then the spring complete fertilizer is slowing down and about used up. Otherwise, are you referring to some growth regulator?

David Gretzmier

LawnSite Gold Member
you can get some applicators to put out PRIMO, a growth regulator, and some newer ones. It is very expensive and works for about 6 weeks, can only be done twice per year, tends to yellow turf. they add iron to it to minimize that.

You cannot get growth regulators with out a license.


LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
Many different types of PGR's out there and Primo is one of the best with the price to boot. This is one area that you can get in trouble if you don't know what you are doing as there are certiain rules that need to be followed. I would have to say that you would be better off mowing the lawns than applying this for free.
You have to be licensed to apply in my state. I have used a first generation PGR called Embark along fences and certain areas to regulate growth to reduce my string trimming. It does yellow but the iron (ferromec) will help. Embark is much cheaper but also doesn't work as well as Primo.
There really is no silver bullet. Do some searches on Plant Growth Regulators or PGR's as they are called. They have a place but there is always a trade off.