Have you ever paid to "boost" your Facebook Posts?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ptjackson, Aug 22, 2014.

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    Thanks Ben,

    Maybe Stumble Upon needs a second look. I did that a long time ago and had the poor results everyone was talking about. Remarketing does work, even though as a web searcher it's annoying. :)

    Marketing is changing. For the longest time people took out an ad somewhere (yellow pages, newspaper, magazine) and hoped for the best. Google really made popular the idea of paying for performance, but a lot of traditional companies haven't thought that way. I think many people want a fixed cost and a prayer. The problem with that is most fixed cost ads don't work in a digital world.

    People like you do a great job and I mean fantastic, I just looked at your awesome houzz photos. And while some might view what you do as "Free" it's not, you spend a TON of time (I expect) on your online presence. If it was easy everyone would be doing it, there's no silver bullet.
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    Will you share what kind of posts you shared? Was it of your work? Was it a promotion? What demographics did you specify? Any input would be helpful. I know facebook marketing is new for all of us so I am trying to soak up all I can.
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    Would love to hear tony the greek's input on this
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    Yeah, it seems the combination of StumbleUpon and remarketing that is key. Sounded interesting to me...

    Yes, I do spend a lot of time on our online stuff- but I happen to love it. Thanks for noticing :)
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    I'm a startup focused on companies like yours and getting you biz. What I shared is a photo very similar to what's in my sig, our measure tool which I think almost everyone likes just because it's fun to play with.

    I can tell you though it matters a lot what you promote. I've done blog posts, and it cost me $1.00 per engagement, on facebook few people want to read my blog. When you advertise on facebook you can 1) boost a post 2) create an ad. With either you can do demographic targeting of ALL kinds. With a boosted post you can choose to just target those who like your page and friends of those people. With an Ad you can drive app installs, create special offers, drive them to your website, get them to like your facebook page or promote an event.

    I can tell you though it's pretty hard to get a good conversion rate just sending them to your regular old website. When people are on FB they're looking for funny, cool or friend updates. When you throw them out to the web their instinct (in my experience) is to go back to facebook. I've said before it's a long play. I just looked a design/build firm in my area that I think does it right. They have 16,000 likes on their page, they post all kinds of design/build projects. The last few posts have had around 70 likes each some pool builds like 100 likes, none of which they paid to promote, but since they have so many likes organically they end up my feed. Why? because they are engaging and good looking picks and many comments say things like "how much for me to get one of these" so one pool pays for a lot of FB marketing. Enough Red Rock pools and outdoor kitchens show up in my feed they've created a brand that I remember when I get ready to build.

    If I was going to promote something on facebook for my company it would be an awesome photo, funny photo or saying, or maybe more importantly some kind of offer. Even if the photo was the offer. It's uncharted territory for sure but i have seen it work, depending on what you put into it. Be creative and obsessive about measurement.
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    The potential of Facebook marketing within the lawn care industry has had very little testing done as far as I am aware of. With the potential to boost posts, and boost your website I would like us as a community to play with several features and figure out what works well. If any of you already have experience, will you please share what you did, and the results? Thanks
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    Just to let you know I'm still playing around with it. Here are some things I've figured out over the past few weeks since we started this conversation.

    1. Very specific targeting was mostly a failure (I targeted a post by city and some other demographic stuff)

    2. Running "regular ads" vs Facebook posts haven't performed as well for me. Always for me promoted posts work better.

    3. When promoting posts it works better for me if I target "friends of people who like my page" I get a much higher engagement rate.

    4. I found out this week you can target posts by email, phone number, even facebook id. While it's creepy as a user it's good as a marketer. If you have a list of emails or cell phone numbers you could run ads to have those people like your page or run specials to existing customers.

    5. I also saw this week facebook offers retargeting. That is if someone visits your website show them ads. Retargeting is big in regular and search ads (ever notice when you search something on amazon ads follow you all over the web). Retargeting on facebook requires your website dev to put a "conversion pixel" on the site but once you do you can market to people who visited your website.

    6. And of course wrapped over this whole discussion is WHAT are you sharing or advertising. Content is king and it has to be good. That's one of the hardest parts.

    Hopefully some of that is helpful

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    One more thing, I've not done but could make sense for a business like yours. You can create offers in the facebook ad platform. Or coupons or whatever.
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