Have you ever sold your customers?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ConPro, Jun 10, 2003.

  1. ConPro

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    I honestly have to many customer's. Even if I give someone an overprice for doing their property they accept. I am going to run an ad at the end of june to "sell" these customer's to the highest bidder. Mostly single homes, steady payers, but not alot of extras. Any one know the going rate? I was thinking four times what they are worth. $20 cut=$80.
  2. 2 man crew

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    $20.00 a cut? And you think you should get money for this?
  3. wacamaster

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    from MI
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    Around here I think 4 times is the going rate. Never actually bought any though. What do you consider "overbidding'?. Your obviously not overbidding enough if they still want you. No such thing has having too many lawns if they are overbid because I'll work 24 hours a day on overbid yards and become a millionaire.
  4. I sold lawns my subs were doing to my subs, so I didn't have to do all the office work for them.....

    Most were single lawns and no extras, but good payers. as they already knew the guys mowing them, they did not have a problem with it.

    To me it sounds as if you need more help, not to sell accounts.
  5. BSDeality

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    i agree, perhaps this would be a good time to hire some PT/FT help. The school systems are letting out soon (if not out already). chances are you could find a good worker with some screening on your part if you ask all the right questions.
  6. ConPro

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    You are correct, I cannot find good help. That word is like an oximoron around here. $20 for something that honestly takes 10 minutes total and is between a $200 in 2 hour stop and a $200 1 3/4 hour stop. Just have a hard time letting it go for nothing.
  7. I probobly would pay $150 for that $20 wk customer if it was on a contract.

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