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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jworkman, Oct 6, 2006.

  1. jworkman

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    It is a convertiblemower if you have could you tell me what you think of it. It is a walk behind that doubles as a Zero turn (you can ride it to). DR (people that sell the DR Trimmers) used to sell it they called it a DR CONVERTA MOWER .

  2. Bel Air Bob

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    Yes, I just saw it at EXPO for the first time and rode around on it, want to buy one, still doing some research. They redesigned this year by moving engine back so it's not right under you, some people don't like the heat I guess. It converts in a few seconds and comes in several engine /deck/tire sizes combinations & prices. It's comparable to other ZTRs pricewise and takes the place of a walk behind for hills. I have seen some criticism of it as not well made, but from the comments it was clear they were not talking about the same machine I saw. It has heavy steel and all the features you expect on a good quality commercial machine. there is, or was another convertible mower out there aimed at the homeowner market, and I think that is what some people spoke of. I found it on a search and it is nothing like the Rich Mfg. Convertible Mower that is made in Indianna.

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