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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DVS Hardscaper, Nov 22, 2011.

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    Thermostats yet??

    If you have any water cooled equipment (skid steers, tractors, excavators, loaders, etc) and trucks with the original thermostat, or a thermostat that has been replaced but it's been a long time ago - then stop messing around on the computer and call your local supplier and order some thermostats.

    Don't wait until it goes bad and the engine overheats. This will cause you downtime. Imagine there being 28" of snow on a weekend, and the supplier isn't open, and here a $10 thermostat is holding you up.

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    Now this is probably the most helpful post I've seen all year.
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    Thermostats are designed to fail open when they fail. It is very rare in my experience to see otherwise. Granted it is possible and the idea of "design" and "reality" differ greatly. Vehicles don't overheat due to a failed thermostat (Usually..), they just never get up to running temperature.
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    I've had two fail, one in a Ford and the other in a Chevy. Both times the symptoms were overheating.
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    Well 'ol buddy, for the record, let me say I'm not sure of your background.

    But......thermostats can fail either in the closed position or in the open position.

    With newer vehicles - If they fail in the **open** position, it'll throw a code and your service engine light will come on, and it'll stay on until the computer is reset and the thermostat is replaced. Vehicles with engine codes will not pass an emissions test. I experienced this, this past summer. My thermostat stuck open. I though for sure I replaced it a year ago, turns out I didn't.

    But most common is thermostats getting stuck in the **closed** position. This has been my most common experience. I have seen the housing on the thermostat break, thus it gets stuck.

    When a thermostat is stuck closed, coolant can not circulate. So if you're running an engine and that thermostat ain't opened once the engine is at operating temps (usually no less than 160-degrees), without the coolant circulating - that engine WILL overheat. No if's or but's about it. Once this happens you're risking blowing a head gasket (if you're heads are steel). If you have aluminum heads - then a head could become warpped from the extreme heat.

    Overheating is only ever caused by 1 of two problems (or both).

    i) a blockage. A coolant blockage would be something like a thermostat stuck shut. Or extreme build up of dirt in the passages of the coolant system. If you have a blockage - the vehicle will overheat as you're at driving speed. And it will also overheat at an idle. But driving speed is when you'll really see it overheat as the engine is running at higher RPM's.

    ii) Air circulation. The coolant is cooled via air pulled through the radiator. This is done via a fan, which is either electric or a clutch fan. I live in an area with alotta gnats. The radiator in my pick up was clogged full of gnats. I wish I would have taken a picture of it. Thus, not enough air volume was being drawn through the fins of the radiator. Also, your fan can stop functioning and at highway speeds your engine will run at normal temps because the air is being forced through the radiator. But when you slow down or stop, if the fan is not working or the radiator's fins are clogged - the engine will overheat. Start driving again and the engine will cool down.

    This is important information for anyone with tractors or skidsteers to know. Tractors will have a screen infront of the radiator to catch any debris (grass clippings, etc) before it enters the radiator fins. My CAT skid steer has a screen over the radiator as well, to block debris.

    To each his own :) You can run the machine until the thermostat wears out. Or you can spend your day off on this coming friday being proactive and replacing your thermostats while your wives are out shopping :cool2:

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    Thats why they have mechanics. I'm lay brick for a living and my mechanic fixes engines. I will add a quart of oil or put windshield washer fluid in my vehicles. Anything else I let the pros take care of.
  7. DVS Hardscaper

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    AKA - girley man :)

    (I'm more knowledgeable in this stuff than I am hardscapes)

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  8. zedosix

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    I'm the kind of guy that knows his limitations. I just hate having to open a hood unless its to check oil or to show someone that shiny new motor! :)
  9. DVS Hardscaper

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    you must have silky smooth pretty hands!
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    Well Andrew, you'd be the first man to tell me that. :eek:

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