Have you seen this body? Vanscaper


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I been reading about the advantages of cab overs for awhile. I read several post on ramps. And it seemed like you would need to build long ramps to get a ztr in the back of the truck. Or you could weld a dove tail up, but that just made the truck 2 feet longer. Then i discovered this body.

When i buy my cab over, i am going with that body.


Acute Cut

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ok, stupid question coming up. Those of you who are irritated with idiots please stop reading. lol.

(Understand i am NOT a welder or anything) Couldnt you cut the last two feet of a box van and just re-weld it on at an angle for a dove tail? I mean, i know you will have to adjust the door a bit and fill in a little bit of the sides. Say a four inch drop? Then you can make one solid ramp like this one pictured above. Just curious.


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Acute Cut, that's what I did to mine. I cut it off just behind the fender steps and dropped it about 5" . I built a trailer hitch into it while I was at it. I didn't have to do anything with the door as it was long enough to go the extra 5"