Have you seen Toro's American Hero discount?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by G. Ramey, Feb 14, 2014.

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    Toro has the best warranty...5 year, 1200 hours. No one comes close to that (at least I think that's accurate.)

    I was going to pursue the American Hero discount; but my Toro dealer matched me up with another LCO purchasing a new mower and put us together on a mini fleet, 23% discount versus the 18% with the American Hero.

    Maybe your Toro dealer could do the same.
  2. baileylawnservice

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    I bought a scag turf tiger today 61" 26 hp kohler efi. It's a pretty nice machine. 10,200 plus tax. Better machine than a z master anyway.
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    I don't think any of us signed up because we were hoping for a free coffee or a few grand off a mower.

    But you if your best day in Iraq was worse than crawling through dog poop, you're either exaggerating, or you really didn't want to be there.

    I had some very amazing days/times while deployed I wouldn't trade for anything. Coupled with tons of days where I literally did nothing requiring stress or effort.
    and they were all balanced out by the 21 hours of complete hell in a fire fight that seemed to never end where I lost my right eye….

    But I don't think I could say that was an 'average' day in the service.

    You never had any fun back in the FOB or the TOC?
    never got to Skype with the fam?
    Destroy an opposing units team in combat football?

    Everyday wasn't Sherman's march to the sea or the assault on normandy man…. ease up!
  4. TPendagast

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    thats a really good price on a turf tiger…then again I have alaska prices on the brain….but Im pretty sure thats still a good pice.
  5. jeeperscrow

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    I got a John Deere 920M a couple of weeks ago for $700 more than a Toro 3000 would have cost me. The Deere also has a 1200 hour warranty (although only three years) but other than that the Toro 3000 just doesn't come close to what you get with the Deere. I don't have the spec sheet with me, but I know the 7IronPRO is a better deck, the Deere holds more gas, a higher top speed, flat free tires...and lots of other things that to me made it the more commercial machine with the price of both machines being very close.
  6. baileylawnservice

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    If I were going to buy a toro I was going for the 6000 series, which I did not see at my local dealer. All they had were the 3000 series.
  7. baileylawnservice

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    Yes it was the open house price. About half way between fleet and retail.
  8. JMK26

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    I had great times too. Had some good free concerts, great Call of Duty games with teens back home thinking it was awesome to play with real Army guys. Skype was a savior, awesome sunsets and sunrises drinking crappy Army coffee while smoking a Cuban. Being able to shoot guns people dream of. Handing out MRE candy to kids and they smile like an American kid at Christmas getting his own computer. All Great times.

    And no, every day wasn't D-Day....BUT...8-12 hour patrols 5-6 days a week, hitting IEDs over a dozen times per deployment, firefights, not bathing for 15 days, a drawn out mission where you can't talk to family for 30 days at a time, etc. ...and no I would not trade any of that for anything, .....however being you were there, you know that you are always aware, always on a heightened sense of alert, and even if you are on Skype, playing XBOX, you are waiting for the QRF call, and when you are on patrol always anticipating something bad happening. I doubt an electrician is at a heightened sense of awareness for 24 hours a day anticipating getting a call to crawl through dog crap. Even during a concert, playing XBOX or being on Skype with family, the back of your mind is always waiting for something.

    I may have taken it too serious, it was late, however, there is more to being a cop, firefighter or military than the few bad jobs you get per year in any trade. Knowing one cop and one firefighter doesn't justify the ignorance he displayed in his comment.

    Some guys love the attention they get going through an airport and being thanked a million times, I loved it when I could get through and nobody said anything to me, but his comment was totally the opposite it hit me as too dismissive of the things first responders and military go through so I commented. I may have misread it, but that's what sucks about being online, there is no "tone" or facial expressions....I stand by what I said, but I do apologize for stating it in the wrong way.

    NOW, back on topic.............I have 2 walk behinds, a 36 Ferris, and a 52 inch Snapper Pro........ABS-OOOOOOOOOOO-LUTELY love the cut quality and ease of maintenance. But I do have a great dealer too, so I do think part of any brand the dealer has a lot to do with the quality of the mower experience you get. Never used a Toro, but based on the guy's around here I talk to, I wouldn't go with one, even if I took advantage of the discount. Most around here are Ferris, Snapper Pro and Scag's.....you see a mis mash of brands, but I do mostly see those three.
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  9. TPendagast

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    my tenure of service predated things like Skype and xbox, we didn't have AAFES exchange and starbucks
    I think (and this is just a guess) that the 'heightened sense of awareness' for you younger troops, was magnified because you had relax space/time/toys.
    Some of my/our worst times were back at base in the states…because that's when it blew up.
    In the field, with your team… it was just a day at work. (I did once steal a sat phone to call the wife on our anniversary from a hangar in uzbekitstan)

    But…everything is relative.

    You have to compare a persons world, to their own world.

    As a medically trained operator, you leaner to ask people "on a scale of one to ten, how much does this hurt"
    My kid steps on a piece of glass "TEN!"
    A woman give birth to a child "TEN!"
    Joe gets half his leg taken off from an previously unexploded daisy cutter "Eight"

    Are they even remotely the same pain?
    But it's the worst those people have yet to experience… except Joe, because he knows it could had been worse.

    So everything is relative.

    To the civvies m their job is no less stressful than ours was, because it's the worst thing they have ever experienced, they are at their wits end, and they can't imagine it getting any worse.

    For me? There were four times in my life that describes.
    1) getting drug by my static line behind a C-130 at 300 mph because my chute wouldn't deploy. Meeting eye to eye with the jumpmaster and having an unspoken understanding that he was going to deliberately cut my line and drop me free from the aircraft, and hope to hades my reserve was going to work.

    2) Riding a flaming chopper into the ground whirling around like an egg beater knowing that everyone on the ground was a hostile and there was no one immediately coming for help.

    3) Laying in a sandy desert with a perforated lung, not having enough air in my lungs to be able to scream for help, thinking to my self 'this is what it feels like to die'

    4) being falsely accused of chid abuse by an extended family member with severe control issues, and not having money for a lawyer.

    for someone else… digging through the underneath of a house, through dog poop might make his all time 4 top hits.

    It's all relative.

    Not to mention, MOST cops never pull their sidearm in the line of duty for the purpose of possibly firing it at a living person.

    And MOST firemen don't swing in on vines like tarzan to save children from burning roof tops.

    So matching THEIR experiences to even a non eventful overseas tour, isn't anymore similar than dog poop under a house.

    It kinda always bothered me, how every police officer and every fireman instantly became elevated to hero after 9-11… every traffic cop, every meter maid, every mire marshal that inspects my fire extinguishers, all heroes.

    The whole concept of hero has been diminished and over used, if you ask me.

    IF I made decisions At Toro, I'd give 18% off to anyone with an EIN who can prove the employ 3 or more people.

    THOSE people are heroes to me.
  10. G. Ramey

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    Well this argument about who deserves a discount for their service will never be resolved. All I can say is thank you to Toro for offering it. I would also like to say thank you to our armed service members.

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