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Have You Tried Water-Lok or Pozzolan on Your Lawn or Golf Couse?


LawnSite Member

I just wondered if anyone has ever tried Water-Lok on lawns, golf courses, landscapes, gardens etc.

With only about 2% of the world's population exposed to clean, drinkable water, and access to water in some parts has reached crisis proportion, I believe this is a timely subject.

With all the water conservation measures, and exorbitant water costs, and drought crises, an all natural, miraculous mineral gift of nature that:

Enables soil to absord and hold water, reducing the need for watering and nutrients in lawns, trees, golf courses, ridges, and shrubs by 50% and more.

Holds 125% of its weight in water and nutrients at root level.
conserves water in harmony with future planning measures.

Is ideal for deserts and areas vulnerable to drought.

Is the natural way to conserve water, resulting in substantial savings.

Water-Lok is a mined and crushed mineral from ancient fresh-water lakebeds in Nevada. It was created many, many years ago, when volcanic ash, called Ryolite, from Mt. Lassen, fell on fresh water lakebeds, covering shell-like diatoms.

This unique mixture of ryolite, combined with fresh-water diatoms, yields superior quality alumino-silicates with longlasting, benefits ideal for our lawns and golf courses etc.

WATER-LOK is so effective, that it reduces evaporation and improves percolation (assimulation), enabling water to stay at root level where grasses and plants can use it efficiently. it holds moisture on hills with high soil suction (capillary action) and can draw moisture up slopes!

WATER-LOK is environmentally safe and is certified by the U.S. Dept. of labor Occupational safety and Health Administration as inert and nontoxic and has been tested for 14 years!

Arid countries currently using WATER-LOK include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Spain, and Tunisia. The "local areas" are Canada, The U.S.A. and Mexico.

For further information on this natural soil/water technology, please conatct me at 876-431-0316 or email me at client_support@eztrading247.com

I appreciate your time.

Michael Roache