Have you used Val pak direct mail postcards?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by grasskingindy, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. grasskingindy

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    Has anyone used Val pak direct mail post cards? If you have what was your response rate per 1000? Did you get a good ROI? How long was the residual effect of the mailing? What area of the country are you in? What time of year did you use them? What services did you advertise? They come in the blue envelope once a month.
  2. rodfather

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    To be perfectly truthful, I don't even open them up...that should tell ya what I think of them.
  3. General Landscaping

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  4. cgreen454

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    I tried them out last year. I made my money back, but not much more. It's possible that I will get some referral or repeat work from these customers, but overall, I'd say it wasn't as good as other advertising methods.
  5. n2h20

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    what about the pennysaver? any of you use the pennysaver for your advertising?
    I have a friend who advertises ONLY in the pennysaver about $200+ a week (they are not cheap) but he gets 20 calls or more a week.

    granted he sells and install carpet.. (have you heard the next day carpet installer commercial by that beer company?) so it may be different for us lco's
  6. walker-talker

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    The sales reps make the deal sound sooooo sweet. I know, I have spoke with them. Honestly, try doing a search here on LS. I have read a lot of posts on the subject and maybe 2 out 100 that have tried it actually had luck with it.
  7. gll

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    I have been using the pennysaver for the past five years and have been happy with the response. In my area you can choose which specific areas to advertise in which is roughly 10000 issues per area. I think I pay about $40.00 per week per 5 areas. That doesnt sound like too much circulation. But by using the pennysaver instead of the local paper, I avoid getting calls from areas that I dont work in. One downfall is that it seems like the people with higher incomes dont seem to read the pennysaver as much as others do.
  8. JJLandscapes

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    used the pennysaver this year full page ads in 2 editions in my area about 10-15000 houses for each edition and so far between fri-sat we have 60 calls for residential yearly cuts to go look at these next few days... The thing is there were a dozen small 2 line classified ads by landscapers randomly and 1 1/4 page ugly ad... ours was the only full page ad and we landed on the inside cover on one edition for free upgrade... paid $577 for both editions for 1 week and gotta realize 1 yearly account doubles that so welllllll worth it if you have money to spend
  9. Jpocket

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    Val-Pak is pure junk mail.......Most people throw the away as soon as they get them.

    Targeted marketing is the way to go, if you want to grow your business.

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