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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by LDC30, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. LDC30

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    Hello all,

    New member here and excited to get my own landscape business underway. I have been landscaping for many years i am just tired of working for other people and want my own bus. I am having a hard time getting customers. I have put out business cards, magnets on my truck, facebook, posters etc...still only a couple of calls! any advice on what i can do...i also dont want to spend a ton of money if its not going to work
  2. 944own

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    door to door, its free and works. You will get some doors slammed in your face but you will also get a few yards. Do good on those yards, they tell a few people and you will start growing from there. That is how I started and have grown to a decent schedule. good luck
  3. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    you just started this spring? Id be happy with 2 calls so far
  4. hoyboy

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    I know someone that started out and offered no obligation, 1 month of free lawn mowing. Now that's an agressive move, but I have to hand it to him...he did get customers. Theory was that it got him in the door, gave him a chance to show off what he could do, and most customers stayed with him.

    Might not be for everybody, but it worked for him.

    Good luck!
  5. Set Apart Lawn Care

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    I've said this a lot on here, but door hangers have been our best advertising by far. We spent a little extra and had someone design ours to stand out above the rest. Our results are for about every 100 door hangers we get 3-4 calls, a couple are for one time jobs (usually mulch and hedge trim), a couple dont work out, and we get 1 customer who stays as a regular client. We passed out about 1,200 last week and I already have 8 new clients for next year before the dormant bermuda here in Memphis has even come back. Plus as I said a few one time mulch jobs. Here are a few things we shoot for with door hangers

    1- good quality paper so they dont fall off or blow away

    2- a simple message, not to busy, you dont have to say everything about yourself, your mainly trying to get a call, once you have them on the phone you'll get your chance to tell them everything else

    3 - we have a price box, we carry around a pen and write an estimate from the street, a ton of people call because of that.

    Internet marketing and newspaper adds have been the worst for the money, you dont get as much bang for your buck and the main thing is that we'd get calls from all over and end up spending half the day driving whereas with flyers you only get calls from the areas you want.
  6. scotts lawn care

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    Your just starting out so congrats! This industry is enjoyable and very rewarding. I think your going to need some patience the first season out. Word will eventually get around and you will pick up more customers before you know it. Word of mouth is the best advertising. Hope you enjoy your first season! :cool2:
  7. GMLC

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    Mail out some introduction letters. Target areas that need your services. Also start networking in your community, it's free.
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  8. Exact Rototilling

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    Wow.....I'm assuming that was on the front end and not delayed further into the season? Someone else had mentioned $10 intro cuts in another thread and got pretty beat up over that.
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  9. LDC30

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    thanks everyone, yes this is the first season and it is a little early yet but im hoping to get a jump on things...door to door will be a possibility and definately will do a mail out. First will be an ad in the paper as well. I plan on doing some discounts as well to intice people. Just gotta get one!
  10. 205mx

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    i do a 25% off the first month of services. works well.

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