Having a partner....What to do? I know, I know

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    I have read this forum for ages and I know having a partner is a bad idea. Well, I couldnt agree more. I have a partner and in the beginning when we were hungry and couldnt get customers, he busted his tail out there. Now, we are making money, more than he has ever made and now I cant get him out of bed before 2pm. :hammerhead:
    We decided this year, I would do the installations and he would take care of the grass. I have lived up to my end day in day out and he is CONSTANTLY skipping, missing, forgetting customers. I have received 5 calls this year alone regarding his actions.

    Here is the kicker. I have 13 commercial accounts that he is doing now. They were given to us by MY friend. If my partner and I split, he doesnt get any of them. The remainder would be split of course.

    I have spoken to him just last week asking whether he wanted to go on his own and he continuously says no. I dont get it. I have given him many outs and yet he still wants to stay partners.

    What do I do? What can I do? Any and all help would be appreciated.

    Lastly, I recently was approved for a new ferris mower. The financing went thru under MY info. If I do split, now is the time.

    Thanks EDM
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    Hello i know how you feel, When i first started it was my friend and i, we started out with a 48 scag belt drive and a lawn boy. After about a month he says it is not for him well ok but now i don't have a truck or anything to pull the trailer with so i put a hitch on my 92 towncar and looked like an idiot until i could buy a truck. so anyways to the point i had asked a friend for some help every now and then working with me, 2 years later he is now thinking he is part owner of my business that i fought so hard to keep going and now have 100 accounts and every chance he gets he says (WE) and that is all i hear out of his mouth everyday. I think to myself what the he$% is this we crap it's like he is trying to brain wash me with repetitive (WE) every chance he gets. Don't get me wrong he is a great worker and bust's his a$$ everyday. He is getting to comfortable like when i go to the gas station i go in and he follows seconds behind me and when i am in there looking around he is doing the same but he will wait until i am done getting what i need and then he strikes at the counter and just throws or slams his **** down on the counter and the clerk says is this together?? and he just stares at me. Now i do not have a problem buying the guy lunch or anything he deserves it but at least he used to ask!!! it's like he is trying to sneak his way into owning half of my business and the other day he had the nerve to ask sooooo when are we going to start doing splits!!! i just about drove off a bridge and i am not a very spoken person ( I can sell myself customers though) i am affraid when he finally picks my last straw it will not go down pretty. He even got quick books and tried to start keeping track of my accounts and how much WTF DO I SAY TO HIM???? HELP!!!!!!
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    sorry i cant help with the first post
    but flattop you need to tell this kid to go F himself, and make it well aware that it is you and not we, stand your ground and if he dont like it show him the door, that whole quickbooks thing is outta line for a helper
  4. David Gretzmier

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    I know this advice may sound stupid, but you have 2 choices in business partnerships, marriage couseling or divorce attorneys. I was in a messy partnership, I should've used both to make it easier to work with my business partner and to get more when I left.

    Be very smart, If you hate life so much you want him gone, you will pay to much to get him out. If you get to hating your job too much, you will settle for too little to get out. I know. I was there.

    call a few marriage counselors, one will help you if you want to try and work together.

    if not, a divorce attorney will help you get what you deserve from the breakup.

    good luck, and I was in niagra falls last year, beautiful place.
  5. KTO Enterprises

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    Ex doormat, cut your losses now and run far and fast. this dude will only drag you right into the toilet.

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    The guy sounds more like a bad employee than a business partner. If an employee wouldn't show up for work until 2pm, how would you deal with that....

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    Thanks for the replies. I thought I had it bad until I read the second post WTF??????? Well I guess if he were an employee, he would be fired. I can say that he usually gets the work done regardless of when he starts. My MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR concern is that we have these commercial accounts that started in May. These accounts were handed to us and will be very lucrative for plowing. He skipped on one of them today. I told him in clear and no uncertain terms that even if the grass hasnt grown a millimeter, he is to get out and trim SOMETHING just so they see him there. How hard could that be? Well he didnt even do that!!!!!! :hammerhead:

    As to the second poster, I would get rid of the friend. I see where you might have given him the impression that he was a partner. And that is because you never corrected him when it started. My partner is friends with his helper and I feel as though they want to go out on their own. In fact, I suggested they do so just so I can get things to work properly but they refuse.

    I see that it is easier to give advice to others even though I dont lead by example.
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    Hello, yes it is a bad situation for me i pay insurance on my vehicle and business insurance and all other expenses. i don't need to tell you guys what those are, there would be no way i would split any of it with him besides i paid every cent for all of the equipment 100%. Anymore insight on helping me get rid of a 6 year friend would be great he was also in my wedding this just cant be good either way i don't know. I am not an a$$ so please help.
  9. KTO Enterprises

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    I would have kicked him in the teeth by now. I am an A$$. lol The same thing you are going through happened to a friend of mine. guess what ended up happening. A knock down drag out ruckus.
  10. flattoplawncare

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    Yeah i think that is what is gonna happen i am going to put my foot down tomorrow when he says WE.

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