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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by tiedeman, Nov 21, 2003.

  1. tiedeman

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    Right now I track my income (invoices) with Quickbooks, expenses in excel worksheets, and my payroll through another type of software.

    Well, I want to take full advantage of my reports on Quickbooks such as P & L, etc. Well, in order for me to do this I am going to have to go back and enter in all of my expenses.

    I am just debating about getting another software program(Gopher I might be giving you a call up) and start that right at the new year, or just start another company file in Quickbooks at the start of the new year, because my books will never be the same.

    Anybody else ever had this type of problem?
  2. leadarrows

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    I did when I changed from Microsoft money to Quick Books. I made the change in October and went thur every thing and reentered it for the year.

    And now I'M crazy. LOL :dizzy:

    It can be done but before I was finished I was yelling at every one to leave me alone. LOL Just like that guy on th commercial they show at tax time were he say's Daddy needs a quite House. LOL
    It is a real pain but if I can do it any one can.
    Are you married?If you are do you want to stay married?
    My advise is don't do it. This close to the new year just start fresh. I know you want those reports ...so did I. It's up to you but if you hate books and numbers as much as I do.....well its your choice all I can say is if you go for it good luck to you.
  3. tiedeman

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    I tried to make a new company file tonight to start at the new year, and after about 2 hours into it I said screw it.

    I don't remember it being this hard 5 years ago setting up my Quickbooks info that I am using now.

    (I don't really need those reports)
  4. Team Gopher

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    Hi tiedeman,

    We would love for you to try out our software :)
  5. Rustic Goat

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    Your tongue is who's cheek?
    Sorry, couldn't help myself.

    Surely there's a way to do what you're trying to do with existing software.
    No put down meant by that Gopher, just think it'd be a waste if Quick wouldn't work being as he's already got it set up otherwise.

    Set all my stuff up long ago with Excel, then before plugging in info, saved each form as a template. Can pull up and manipulate as I need to.

    Tiedeman, if you do go with Gopher ware, please keep us updated with your opinions on it.

    Gopher, just how much love is required to get set up with your software?

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