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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by PrecisionYardworks, Mar 2, 2005.

  1. PrecisionYardworks

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    i would like to know if having a website for your company is worth it. They seem pretty cheap to maintain and i thought it would be a good idea. Of course i dont intend on getting a lot of business from it i thought it would help provide a more professional image as well as help with getting my name and quality of work known to whoever sees it

    thanks to all who reply
  2. Wells

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    I think it helps promote a more professional image. It's something that most teenagers, lowballers and scrubs doing lawns genreally don't have and like you mentioned it gives a potential client a way to view the quality of your work.

    I useually put my web address on all of my marketing material.
    I'm not sure how much business mine actually generates but the number of hits are always high this time of year.

    You can view it at:
  3. ALarsh

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    I opted to get a website for online payments/account status.

    My website:

    A sample of my account status setup:

    My hope is with this setup I won't have to send out invoices and they can just log onto their website given to them to see how much they owe. It takes me a very small amount of time to change the # of cuts and the money amounts so that isn't a problem for me.

    Untitled-1 copy1.jpg
  4. tonygreek

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    - they are worth it if you properly have one built. they should also act in concert with all of your other marketing efforts.

    - yes, maintenance is fairly cheap. building a quality one is another story. if you aren't using one of gopher's templates (see links in the sponsor section), you should expect to pay anything from $500 on up. the real expense is the ongoing marketing expenses of keeping your site in the top of the search engine results.

    - unless your friend/cousin/little brother/son/daughter/secretary has actual, commercial web development skills, seek out a pro. i have seen maybe 2% of these types of sites actually be usable for marketing purposes. typically, these sites look like they were built 10 years ago.

    - as for enhancing a professional image, absolutely. but that comes with a price if you cannot do quality design on your own. anyone can put up a site, but not everyone can put up a site that draws prospective customers in on it's own merits, through search engines and online advertising programs.

    the key thing people seem to overlook is that a customer visiting your site based on a piece of physical marketing (flyer, biz card, ad, signage) is not helping you out as much as having a prospective customer finding you on their own, through search engines. someone visiting your site through the physical marketing link has already qualified themself as a lead prior to visiting the web. a person hitting yahoo or google and searching for "DELAWARE" AND "LANDSCAPING" is also qualifying themself as a lead, especially if they choose your link from the results. the key difference here is that they may or may not have ever heard of you before. that customer is someone you may not have ever captured without the site.

  5. PrecisionYardworks

    PrecisionYardworks LawnSite Member
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    thanks a lot tony
  6. Team Gopher

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    Hi PrecisionYardworks,

    Here is a list of free web templates you can download and use. They are already put together and will allow you to quickly get a site up. Then later you can always edit it more or create a new one from scratch.
  7. tiedeman

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    that is some nice properties you have their Wells
  8. Carolina Cutter

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    Well they are worth it to the small guy too. I was experimenting with the idea but didnt want to get locked into a year long thing if it didnt work so I did a search for free site hosting. I found a site and made my site there. It really turned out ok for my needs. If you are interested go to www.zoomshare.com and take a look.

    If you would like to see mine as an example My Website
  9. tiedeman

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    I like your trailer you have their Merlin

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