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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Stonehenge, Jul 6, 2001.

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    I've had the good fortune to visit Maui two times (and look forward to many returns to the islands). Each time I made time to drive into developments and photograph landscapes. Unfortunately, hardscapes seem to be minimal there. but it got me to thinking...I'm sure there are landscape co's on the islands, but I wonder if each co just focuses on their island?

    My question is this - do any of you, or any of your competitors keep all their tools on a boat or barge, and just boat from island to island to handle projects on the different islands? It seem like it'd be the only way to build a big business there.

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    Most landscapers are doing business on there respective islands. If the job was rather large, say a hotel, then the company most likely would lease/rent equip they don't have for the job.

    Actually, Maui is booming right as I speak as far as any long term construction is concerned. Would be a good place to do some landscaping and stay focused there. I think the barge idea is not a bad way to go, however one can rent available storage space and do well. Everything is done by barge interisland with the exception of direct shipping to Kahalui from outside the islands. I'm not sure of costs to keep designated equipment on a barge on a permanant basis. It would seem more likely one would store equipment nearby in a container and load up for travel to other islands for each job.

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