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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Hawkeslandscaping, May 9, 2011.

  1. Hawkeslandscaping

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    The lazer is a 52in the axles are dexter 3500lbs each on the trailer, thinking about selling the 52in and buying another 61in ferris.
  2. LawnMan19

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    Decal looks really good.
  3. Hawkeslandscaping

    Hawkeslandscaping LawnSite Member
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    pic of the first mowers I started with 36in and 48in and the new 61 ferris I bought last spring in the showroom.

    first mowers.jpg

    mower brand new.jpg
  4. LawnMan19

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    How have the ferris's been?
  5. lifetree

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    Very nice equipment and work ... congratulations !!
  6. lawnman24949

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    I see you got the mower from precision. Ive bought ever mower from them and just about everything else related to mowing from them. They seem to help you when you need it and have reasonable prices.
  7. jslawnscape

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    I am surprised that you like the ferris so much. I have never owned one but rode them in the past. I can't stand the suspension or the size of the seat/leg room area. No where near my exmark. The suspension ferris I was using was impossible you couldnt circle or half circle anything without an un even cut. If you were mowing a slope side to side it would leave high grass on the high side scalped or short on the lower side. The quality of the cut and the ability to disperse the clippings wasn't bad but didn't seem to touch the exmark. Not bashing your mower.....its a ford its a chevy its a dodge.....ferris...jd...exmark...scag they are all comparable. Nice set up I noticed you had your mowers "centered" on your trailer. I would recommend strapping them down especially around here. DOT will give you enough tickets to hit ya hard.
  8. Hawkeslandscaping

    Hawkeslandscaping LawnSite Member
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    Great the walk behinds have been great never had any problems with them the ferris with the icd deck is great no clumps and the cut quality is great.
    Yeah jason at precision is the owners son he works with you when purchasing equipment he know I buy a lot from them just bought a leftover bagger yesterday pics to follow. overall they are a decent dealer the products are good and prices on mowers is the cheapest within 75 miles of my of any ferris other dealer.

    Its all user preference I used toros for years with my old boss and the cut quality was horrible and they always break. As far as the cut quality I am surprised you have had a issue with the ferris I love the cut that the mower leaves the point of the suspension is to leave a more even cut cause the deck stay in the same position while your cutting and the suspension makes mowing rough properties great. My mower has a suspension seat as well as the suspension on the mower.

    A.T.G LAWN CARE LawnSite Member
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    nice equipment. im getting a 52in snapper pro. i have a 12 by 6 trailer now. is it harder to control a 16 by 6 because i was thinking of getting one in spring/ thanks:dancing:
  10. Hawkeslandscaping

    Hawkeslandscaping LawnSite Member
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    Good luck start small and work your way up I started with 5x8 landscape trailer and the thirty six 6 years ago work your way up and you will be fine GOOD LUCK!!!!
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