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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Krieger91, Mar 12, 2009.

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    I don't know if I've ever posted here, but I've posted alot on the sister site, plowsite.com.

    Anyways, I'm planning on starting up this summer. Maybe some under the table work until I make the money to get my LLC.

    I've got 3 push mowers, 2 lawn tractors (one with a 28" deck and one with a 48" deck), and multiple weed trimmers. I've got two trucks, and am working on obtaining a trailer.

    Lawn care is something I did for a summer job a few years ago working for SonRise Groundscapes and enjoyed it. So I thought I'd use my personal equipment, see if I can pick up some lawns and/or snow removal accounts for the winter and see where it takes me.

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