HBL 2012 Wish List

I wish we could set a separate thread within the HBL member thread but oh well. So the original thread doesn't get too fragmented I thought I would start a second wish list 2012 thread

Something I would like to see is prepaid shipping on warranty returns. There are a bunch of business's that do this. HBL isn't a monster size biz so they don't get the kind of wholesale UPS/FedEx volume discounts bigger places get but the wholesale rate is likely at least 25% less then the retail rate we get stuck paying.

We are already out the labor for having to take down and replace faulty product. Sometimes the return shipping can be 1/3rd or more of what the product costs. I don't think it's too much too ask that we foot the bill for the labor hassle and HBL takes care of us on the shipping.

It's much easier when a company emails you a return label and all you have to do is drop off the package at any UPS or FedEx retailer and walk away.

HBL members could wait until the season is over and send all warranty product back at once to minimize the shipping costs to HBL. Footing the returns bill would be a good selling point for new members to show that HBL is willing to go the extra mile.

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Hold onto your warranty product for now, we are working up a plan for 2012. I will make sure all of the Members know what we will be doing about our LED product line. UPDATE: we are working on an LED tester which gives our members the ability to fix LED product line at a local level.

I have read thru everyone's post, positive and negative. I hear everyone's solutions and wants, the reality is everything comes at a cost. More inventory would be nice, I hate to have us out of stock...but this year we did well on some items and poorly on others. It's a fine line since, my vote bring in more inventory. Good Luck the rest of the way and watch out for copied emails.

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I have always made my wishes known on increasing the case size to 12 on links and then trading the 2 weak boxes for one good artificial tree like box. cost should be the same, or I am betting folks might pay a bit more per link if they get a great box. leave the ends blank so you can label the boxes with customer's names.

a UV spray that comes by the gallon or 5 gallon jug to spray on each wreath before it goes up each year.

a spare number of clips and bulbs that comes with product that makes numerical sense with the numbers of bulbs and clips that the product has on it. product that had 500 bulbs on it should get 10 times the spare parts that a product that has 50 bulbs on it. the same percentage break and need replacing.

Nylon bows.

a mixed noble wreath that is sized and priced between the 48" flat and the 5 foot 3-d.


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I wish for more LED light color options in the foliage. The greenery is really nice, but with only one version of white available, it really limits us.

Also, I would like to see an increased line and better quality in LED over all. Bright Ideas blows HBL away in this area. LED is the present and future of Christmas lighting. Embrace it and capitalize on it.
Since the other HBL thread got zapped I'll post this info here. Here's some info I emailed Mike that we all need to be aware of to save us time and stress later.

With the new warranty forms you should probably recommend to all members that they include product invoice numbers on their future jobsite invoices. I’m sure most members use QuickBooks or other software that will make it easy to reference HBL product invoice numbers for future warranty failures.

Trying to dig through boxes of records looking for HBL receipts every time a warranty products fails is going to be time consuming. If members are forward thinking now it will make the warranty process less of a pain for them later.