He wants mountains installed!

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    Got a call from a good customer who can't stand looking at the duplexes behind his home. About 200 feet wide and flat in the back. He wants me to haul in apx. 150 tons of soil and create 3 or 4 rolling hills in the back and then plant white pines, arbovitaes and ornamental grasses. The thing is we cannot drive any tandem trucks thru the lawn due to underground drain tiles. So, what would be the easiest way to create them and what is the best equip. to use?
  2. Lanelle

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    Before you go too far with this project, look at your building codes. This type of project may require a grading plan done by an engineer and a permit. Some local gov'ts don't take kindly to this sort of thing.
  3. Stonehenge

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    Yup. Do what Lanelle said, check with the municipality. Assuming you get the OK, if you can't get through with tandems, tris, quads, then you've gotta use smaller equipt. Like a skid loader. If you're proficient in their use, you could get that much material moved and graded in a day.
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    Rexius Blower Truck. Period.
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    You can move the dirt with a skid steer without causing too much damage if the ground is dry. You have to consider how many trips you'd have to take through whatever access you do have as you will eventually cause ruts or soil compaction that will show for some time. I had to Bobcat a pool's worth of soil out after digging, because there was no room for a truck. It took two days. I gave that dirt away as fill (it was junk) and then spent another day moving another thirty yards of pulverized soil in so I could build beds around the pool.

    Your alternatives are limited, though LOOSESTRIFE has the all around best option. Blowing the soil would be awesome. The only problem is who has one? I imagine it would be pretty expensive to hire, as the smallest one costs $120,000 to purchase.

    Another option: Is there better access through the duplex? Perhaps you can obtain written permission and bring triax dump trucks in that way.
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    I know those blower trucks can shoot topsoil but I don't think you want to use that to build up berms. Those things probably woudn't do too well with fill dirt. A skid loader would work well if you have room to dump that much in front.
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    I kinda get the impression that if you are going to be undertaking a project with that much fill, you will have to expect some damage to the existing turf.

  8. greens1

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    (1) Wait till the ground is frozen solid, then you could drive a tank over the tile and it wouldn't damage it.

    (2) simply mark the drain tile, using a tile probe, and repair it after the trucks are done. It shouldn't take more than a hour or two to fix a broken drain tile.

    Jim L

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