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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by landscaper9929, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. landscaper9929

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    Went on a service call today, head leaking all the time. I figure it is a bad valve. Located valves, cutoff and backflow. No pressure regulator, and backflow is not to code. When I found the cut off is was only half way on. The valves are rb100dvf's, I put in a new diaphragm and cut the water back on this time all the way. I manually opened the repaired valve everything looked good till I shut it off. Every time I cut it off water would spray out of the body where it goes together. The water hammer was terrible (maybe why the cut off was only half way on), I tightend the screws on the repaired valve and that fixed that, only now the same thing is happening to the valve next to it. Going back tomorrow to see if the head is still leaking (couldn't't wait today for the lateral to drain) and taking another diaphragm for the other valve. Anybody had this problem before? I know I need to bring it up to code and the entire system needs an over haul, problem is we are in a drought and she wants to wait, just wants the leak stopped for now.
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    First thing it needs is a pressure regulator. DV valves and high pressure don't mix. They slam shut, and the screws will loosen causing spraying water from between the top and bottom of the valve. all the symptoms you have described. Install PRV, and maybe a few diaphragms. Had one manifold rebuild 2 weeks ago on a fairly new system where the PVC manifold cracked along with one valve. NO PRV.
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    Umm, high pressure & lack of low-drain check valves if on a slope? Rain Bird valves are weird if
    those two criteria are not met.
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    Some proper backflow, and a PRV would help the situation. And inform the customer you will be happy to charge a service call for each time a valve fails from excess pressure, (no parts-and-labor guarantees on this) but that they will save money in the long run if the plumbing is corrected now.
  5. landscaper9929

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    yeah this whole system is crap. old r50, 3/4 inch mail and lateral. I'll snap a few pics tomorrow. Where the mail goes from copper to PVC just after the cutoff it 45's up to the back flow. Guess I will suggest that to her if she is home tomorrow. If not I'll leave a good note. Do you think the hammer causing the screws to come loose could be why the head was leaking? Maybe the diaphragm was not shutting down because if that.
  6. txgrassguy

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    Yes, any time the valve is able to vent will cause the diaphragm to allow water to leak past through the control loop on the valve = leaking heads.
    This is usually accompanied by a low volume level screeching noise at the valve but not always.
    Due to the lack of proper pressure control this problem will continue to reoccur.
    I agree with the other posters that if the customer will not allow you to properly correct the pressure problem no warranty should be given on any of the work or parts used.
  7. landscaper9929

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    Went back today, head has stopped leaking. Home owner was not home. I'll let you guys know if she o.k.s the regulaltor. Also the backflow is a is a double check, going to suggest a PRV.
  8. PurpHaze

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    She may just figure that all is well and decide against it. But, I agree with others that if there is a tremendous pressure problem and an ultimate solution has been offered (PRV) I'd tend to not agree to warranty the valves since the problem may occur again.
  9. Dirty Water

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    What exactly is the static pressure there?
  10. SprinklerGuy

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    I liked the r50s......they aren't crap in my opinion :)

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