Headlights will not turn off ! Help !!!

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by AboveTheCut, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. AboveTheCut

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    2000 Dodge 3500 Sport pickup. My headlights will not turn off. Fog lights and parking lights and high beams work like they should (on/off) but my headlights will not turn off. I removed the headlight switch from the dash and the lights are still on. finally had to disconnect both batteries. Is it a relay that I am missing? Thanks
  2. fixer67

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    Yes, I think it is a relay. Does this truck have daytime running lights? If so the relay may be stuck. Even if it does not have daytime running lights it could still be a relay. They are using more and more relays in cars and trucks now days. Not sure why, it may be because the switches just can not handle the power. I say hook the battery back up and start unpluging every relay you can find until the lights go out. Only remove and replace one at a time so you do not get them mixed up.
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    Here's a pasted response that I gave in trucks and trailers thread.
    you really only need 1 post, then give it some time.
    If what I posted don't work let me know, there is a number of possibilities.

    sounds like a stuck relay or a bare wire between the switch and the relay,
    I'm not sure on dodge but I think the head light circuit is a switch to ground system, meaning that the switch completes the circuit by grounding the circuit, check for a wire that maybe rubbing a ground source.
    find your relay, remove it and use a meter set to amps connect between the terminals on the low load side of the relay, if it shows amps, you have a circuit completing between the relay connection and the switch connection.
    I do know that dodge has a lot of problems with the harnesses in the truck you have.
    good luck.
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  4. brunosplace

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    I would look at the headlight relay, sound like it's contacts have welded themselves together.
  5. AboveTheCut

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    it ended up being the light module for my plow lights (Meyer) between the factory lights and the plow lights. I got a pair of them for $135. i put both new ones in and saved the old, good one for a spare.

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