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    do any of you guys out there use noise canceling headphoses? And if so what kind? I would like to invest in a durable pair of these headphones and would like to find a pair with am fm radio and possibly an ipod jack. all help would be appreciated! thanks.

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    I have had a set of Elvex Relax Hearing Protection (COM 75) headphones for at least 6 years. They have a rechargable battery and that jack also lets you plug an ipod or simular device in there.
    I have the Helix xm portable player and use it all the time.
    They have been through it all, dropped, sweat, etc. Check em out. I would recommend them anytime they are great.
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    No, they look to be like the pair I have, ( Standard Worktunes) which is not digital nor does it have presets. But that would be nice if these things had that feature. No more tuning in on the dial to find the station, just hit the preset button and your there. Unfortunately they're not; the i.3 looks like my pair but with a jack and and different color scheme. I may be wrong, but what do I know.
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    I also have the Worktunes. They sure beat earbuds, it really seems to protect your hearing. You dont have to turn the volume up so loud compared to the earbuds. But if you like to blast the music, you are out of luck, it doesnt get very loud. Im glad I have them, but you will have some sweaty ears!!!!!!

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