Heads Up For Consumer Mower Parts Buyers

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Rowdy_Yates, Nov 15, 2001.

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    I had a similar dealing w/ Jacks small engine . I ordered blades and requested next day shipping which I payed extra for. It took over three weeks to recieve the blades. When I called they said the next day was only good for after the day they shipped them. NO JOKE!!!! there was also a box to check if I wanted to be notified if the part was out of stock. I never recieved notification about my blades being out of stock. I called them multiple times and only got the run around about why they hadn't shipped my blades but charged them to my account the day I ordered them.

    To make a long story short. The credited my account until the blades were shipped , after many calls. I got the blades three weeks after ordering them and still had to pay for next day delivery. I will never purchase anything from them again. If they are the only people in the U.S. who have the part I need, I will either buy a new mower, motor, or whatever, rather than buy it from them. I think they were just lazy and didn't want to deal with someone only ordering two sets of blades. Since then I have bought several sets of blades online and from my dealer.

    I am only telling about my experience with Jack's Small Engine, If you've had a good experience with them, great. My experience with them sucked and I want all of you to know it.
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    Did you ever disput the charge with the credit card company itself. If it's in a certain distance of your mailing address, the c.c company can help out.

    Don't want a bank mad at you.

    Just a thought
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    How did you think it worked. You are paying extra to the shipping company.....Once it is ready to ship then the extra pay goes to the delivery company to get it next day. Their mistake was for not informing you they were out of stock.
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    I order lots of things via internet and mail order. Just the other day I ordered a set of Gator Magnums, and a regular set of blades for the Lazer (6 individual blades) and recieved them 4 days later UPS ground. They told me each one was in stock and would ship today. Not bad. Still pay less than dealer with tax and higher prices, plus the drive time to the dealer. Plus I don't think my dealer carries ACTUAL GATOR MAGNUMS, they carry the cheap no-names.

    Anyway, Yes you did get screwed, and I'm sure you are hoping that they read this. You should cut and paste your post and e-mail it to them. This way they know you are serious!

    Next day shipping is "NEXT DAY" not when ever it comes in! If it was back-ordered, they should ALWAYS notify you! And your credit card should only be charged when items ship!

    Oh well, live and learn!

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