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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by bdeneke, Feb 22, 2008.

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    This is just to let those in the industry know of a bill that has been introduced in Tennessee (HB2802, SB3351) that seeks to establish a license category for herbicide application. There are a few of problems with this bill:
    1) It states that the *only* authorized herbicide will by Glyphosate. (Thus no other herbicides, organic or otherwise will be authorized for commercial application on lawns.)
    2) It pre-supposes that all herbicides will be liquids and deals only with the kinds of equipment that would spread liquids.
    3) It exempts the same category of licensees that it seeks to license (probably just really bad wording but makes me wonder if the main reason for the bill was to limit authorized heribicides to include only Roundup)
    Unfortunately, the Ag staff at the TN Dept of Agriculture fundamentally mischaracterized and minimized the effect of this bill in their discussions with me and others and clearly do not understand the bill - maybe haven't really read it carefully at all - but their recommendation to the Gov. was to be neutral on the bill. The state wants to make sure that people applying herbicides are licensed and trained and feel that a "teen doing yard work as a summer job should not have to be licensed to spray weedkiller along someones driveway." If you read the bill you will see that this is nonsense.
    This one is under the radar - check it out on the TN legislative website and act if you agree that this is an exceptionally bad bill, which seems to have been drafted by the Monsanto lobby. I don't think the legislators that are sponsoring the bill understand it either and I cannot get them to explain to me what they hope to accomplish with it. There will be discussion and/or action on it in the House Agriculture Committee next Tuesday.
    Thanks for your attention. I'm just a concerned citizen with no real agenda here other than to promote public health and try to protect our environment.

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