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Headset radios while working

SJR Lawncare

LawnSite Senior Member
There was some discussion in an earlier post about using Walkman type radios while working. For me it is a must, I can't work all day W/O entertainment. My entertainment is Howard Stern from 6-11, then G-Gordon Liddy from 11-3, then don & Mike from 3-7. Unfortunatly, here in the Baltimore area these programs are only on AM radio. The reception is fine while I'm cruising on my mower, but when I start my trimmer & BP blower, it's STATIC CITY. Does anyone know of some kind of filter or something, or would 4 cycle eliminate this interference??


LawnSite Silver Member
and I thought I was radical listening to RUSH!



LawnSite Platinum Member
I need to get a radio headset. I listen to Howard in the morning and don't want to get out of the truck!


LawnSite Member
I need my walkman to get me through a long day all by myself. I don't listen to the radio that much though. I have about 5 tapes I listen to instead. Goes through battaries faster but it can be instant motivation.


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Texas
We use the Husqvarna hearing protector, AM/FM style headset radios. Kind of expensive at around $120 but they have no static and have held up to 2yrs of total hell with me.


LawnSite Fanatic
How do you guys listen to Howard Stern? That guy has only one thing on his mind. If its AM its Rush!!!



LawnSite Bronze Member
morristown, nj

Got a set of the elvex fm and get great reception. Get a little bit of static while running blowers/trimmers, but none while on ther mowers.

As for there construction, I will say this:

I've had them for about 2 months and don't know if they are gonna last too long.

For anyone who has them and has dropped them, you will know what I mean. When they hit the ground, they fall apart. I mean FALL APART. I was mowing the other day and a branch knocked them off my head. When they hit the ground, I swear every single piece fell apart. Took me 10 mins to find all the pieces and another 10 to put them back together.........

Also, ever look inside of those things after a few months? Rust city. Sweat just soaks in and rots the hell out the guts.

Whether they are a good idea or not, I don't know. I think if you are a one/two man operation, they they are great. Working all day by yourself will drive you cooky without something to keep your mind off things.

However, I found a problem in that my hired help seems to think they can wear them too. I couldn't say no at first, because I wear them too. But, one day one of my guys was trimming and starting cutting down all of my planted Iris's, so I had to start screeming. Sure enough, he couldn't hear a thing. Had to throw a rock at him.

It was a good shot. Right in the back, but almost too late.

Also, even worse, if you have any of these young laborers, they're walking around all day singing songs. I don't know about you, but the last thing I want is my men standing next to the picture window of a house singing "my name is, my name is, slim shady' while poor Mrs. smith is trying to read her newspaper.

Keep them to yourself and they're fine. Let your workers wear them and you will regret it..........


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Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
The Peltor's are constructed very well. I've had mine I think, this is the 4th season on them. They have been dropped, rained on, you name it and they still work fine. I just wish they had digital tuning, because they can drift off of a weak signal.