Health Insurance- Do You Have it?

I'm fortunate and I have very good and cost effective insurance because my wife works for the state of Texas. The deductible is only $25. I think it cost me less then $100 when my last child was born. The cost has gone up in the last year but it's still way cheaper then what I could get myself. I think we may be paying $300 a month for a family of five.

My wife worked for United Way for a few years and I think it cost me $2000 when my other child was born. Everything cost me money and was only partially covered.

When sales people call about insurance they hang up the second I tell them about my state insurance because they know they can't even come close on the price.

I'd like to hear what situation others are in.


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I had ok insurance when I worked for the police dept. At this moment I don't have health insurance. My wife has it through her work, and it is very good. If I don't get the Arborist/Hort position I applied for, my wife will just add me to her insurance.
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My wife has blue cross through her work. I think its like $500 a month for health and dental. Er visits are like $150 and I think office visits are like 20 bucks. I dont get many prescriptions but I dont think I have ever paid more than like $10 for one. Her work pays a good portion I think like 75%. I went a long time without health insurance. I have had a few injuries and accidents over the past few years that have made me really appreciate having it.
My kids have had two ER visits in the last year and it was $100. A bunch of ER clinics have popped in our area and the copay is half at places like that.


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No. In my state, there has been a longstanding law that requires employers to provide fulltime employees with medical insurance. Employers are required to cover over 80% of the cost of the premium. Therefore, the self employed are gouged to make up the difference. I have no wife, no kids, do not drink or smoke, but medical insurance will cost me close to $200 a month for a plan that does not cover much. I have not seen the inside of an emergency room in decades or a doctor's office for almost 10 years.


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No. My wife is PT. Her employer only gives it to FT. And you have to know Someone to get FT.

After paying mort, taxes, util, nothing left over to pay for insurance. Yet President Obamination and the Dem's passed a law that will charge me a penalty because I don't have insurance.