Health insurance increase


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York, PA
I got home today from mowing and grabbed the mail. In it I got
a renewal letter for our health insurance. I didn't think much of
it until I opened it up and saw that the rate has increased $100.00 per month. I could not believe it, that is an increase of 22% over last year. I can only imagine how my customers would
react if I raised their mowing prices by 22% every year.

So my question is, what are you all doing about health ins.
and where are you getting it from. I can't see paying this
kind of increase, but it seems that these big insurance companies
have you over a barrel. Thanks for any imput.


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Fort Worth, TX
I have a solution for you. You need to get insurance from an agent that works with several different companies and can offer solutions when your rates increase. We all have to have health insurance so you need an agent that is aggressive and focused on getting you the best rates at all times. I change carriers almost every year because it is the most cost effective for me, my family and my employees. Yeah iot takes a little time to redo all the paperwork but I would rather have the $ in my pocket. I have us all on individual plans because it saves me a lot of $. We looked at group but rather than selling me a group policy with bells and whistles I didn't need they suggested individual so that is what we did. If our rates change and they do! Sometimes a little and sometimes more I get a call from my agent and she says I see that your rates have changed upon renewal and I have done some research and found you a much lower rate. I personally like that. I don't have to call her she calls me. I am with a carrier now that offers an 18 month rate guarantee. MY point is get with an agent that is aggressive and represents several carriers. My advice call 1-800-842-6572 ext 2581.