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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Mgardner, Nov 11, 2001.

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    I am single, what should I check into....bluecross???
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    Walker - find a good insurance BROKER you can trust. If you don't know of one, ask for a reference from your commercial insurance agent. A good one will shop rates for you, not only now, but in the furture too when your present rates climb.

    A good broker will not only help you find the best rates and plan, but also help you with claims, but also with understanding your policy benefits.
  3. I dont have to buy mine, general motors pays mine.But my friend buys unicare hes been with a number of companeys and said they have the smallest rate increases.He said one companey would go up about a 100 every six months
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    ahhhh the beneifits of being in the union.....
  5. strickdad
    Altough im a retiree i still pay just 2$a month for union dues thats the best deal i have ever got.I got my 30 in 1996 i was only 48.And one thing that makes me really love my union gm tred to take the 3 years in was in veitnam off my retirement time .The union stopped it cold ,or i would have had to go three more years
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    You may want to check out your local chamber of commerce !!!!

    We joined for $200 per year. They can also get you group health coverage. Ours offers Blue Cross and several ppo's and hmo's

    We also have gotten Jobs from other members in the chamber. More than covered the $200...

    Good luck
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    odinoo , i wasnt making light of the union, i was singing praises of being in the union. there is not alot of union down here but i sure wish there were.

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