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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by acutabovelandscapinginc, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. acutabovelandscapinginc

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    Any one have a good health insurance plan? My full time job with benifits is about to end and I need coverage. Possible employee benefits.
  2. acutabovelandscapinginc

    acutabovelandscapinginc LawnSite Member
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  3. abuckeye

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    Just start getting quotes and shopping before your policy ends. I have an individual policy with Anthem. I went the high deductable route with a HSA because the premium was a lot cheaper. As for group insurance for you and your employees sometimes the local Chamber of Commerce offers group discounts. It is easer to get insurance when you still have a policy.
  4. acutabovelandscapinginc

    acutabovelandscapinginc LawnSite Member
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    Bump to the top
  5. corey4671

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    Messages: 2,931 they are in Nashville but can insure anyone. They quote hundreds of companies to find you the best price. I would HIGHLY recommend what was mentioned above with the HDHP and the HSA. Will save you a TON on premiums and EVERYTHING is tax deductible. You save money pretax to pay your deductible an then you never pay taxes on the money as long as it is used for health care. If you don't use the money youset aside this year it simply rolls over to the next year. Great place to shelter income to keep the guvments little hands off it.
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    I had used Blue Cross Blue Shield & it worked out well for me. For single coverage it was about $200 a month. There was no deductible with a $20 co pay for doctor visits.
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    I have priced a plan called Midwest Contractors. It is what my agent carries for himself, guy in 20s uis about 250 a month, in 30s 275. Family plans jump to double for spouse and 125-150 more for kids

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