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Hi, just wondering what everyone does about health insurance. What type of coverage, cost, deductibles, and co-pays. I have a Blue Cross, Blue shield plan through Alfa Insurance that costs me $580.00 every 2 months. My deductible is $1500.00 per year for family or $500.00 per person. After that my co-pay is relatively small, 15.00 for prescriptions and 20.00 for visit. Is there a better way, a group plan that may be carried by an orginization dedicated to the Green Industry, or is this just the cost of being self-employed? Let me know something!!!<p>Homer


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Here is the main problem of being self employed. I have a plan similiar to yours. I am 39 year old with no health problems that I know of. As we get older our health insurance will start doubling and tripling and quadrupling even with no health problems.<br>If you do get heart trouble like a man I know your, insurance can run $10000+ a quarter. Something like 2/3 of the US population has no health insurance. Most just can't afford it. But one trip to the hospital uninsured can bankrupt most anyone. I have been checking around but haven't found any answers to this problem yet. You would think in a rich nation like ours we wouldn't have to worry about this. That is why so many temps are popping up, corporations can't afford to pay it either.<br>Charles


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Our local Farm Bureau offers a group plan for around $5000/year, its an HMO-type plan with $10 copay.<p>Myself, I get my insurance thru my wifes employer, family coverage is $900/year, sure glad she works.<p>Bill


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I use Allience Service which goes through Mid West National. I pay around 140 a month with co payments on doctor visits, but a $5000 deductable there are other plans. I beleive one is $170 with a $2500 deducatable


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I also pay around $360 per month with $1500 deductable. My wife went back to work and she will be eligible for coverage in a few months. The cost will be much lower. As others have stated - This is a business expense and alot of people starting out do not figure on. Don't cheat yourself by not covering yourself and your family. Put these numbers in your budget just like that new piece of equipment you will purchase.