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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bobbygedd, Aug 9, 2003.

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    Yes it all depends on deductible and the rest...

    And who can afford a 10,000 deductible? At that point I have to ask why am I paying $289 a month. What does that get me? Proctection if I have cancer? Probably not even covered ailment!
    I might as well buy 289 lottery tickets!

    Is it coverage if I hit the hospital for a month? A month of no income and then a 10,000 payment??? I might as well roll the dice and just hope I don't get ill.

    I'm not saying anything personal about Dr. Mow or such it's such a good example of how our medical industry is sticking it to us at their pleasure!

    The people in my area making over a million are mostly doctors. NO bs, I know doctors reporting over $milllion in a year due to their many doctor "connections". Meanwhile hospitals running $$$ advertisements on TV attracting clients and million dollar pharmacy campaigns on drugs I can't believe they put on TV... "possible side effects diarrea, dry mouth, and impotence...."""" I'll pass on that one doc.

    Ironic the last post was by "Dr" Mow. :D
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    yes 10 grand is a high deductable, but my wife is a rn and the dr she works for sees us for free , but have a car wreck or mower accident 10 gs will barly cover 1 day stay in the hospital. we keep 10 grand plus a little more in a money market account for our deductible, that way if we need it its there all we do is write the check

    short story, 2 years ago i was weed eating along a 6' fence with RAZOR wire at the top needless to say i stood up and sliced my head open . My wife came to gat me went back to her office , the dr. called her friend ( head of er ) walked in back door 8 staples to the head walked back out the back door. no paper work and no er bill . Having connections is great.
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    THAT is a good deal. And a good situation.
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    Hi Dr. Mow,

    Which company do you use for your insurance?
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