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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffex, Oct 26, 2000.

  1. jeffex

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    I would like to go full time but my reg. job has
    excellent benefits. With so many independent
    operators out there we could organize and collectively
    have insurers bid on our business. We could come up
    with some appropriate acronym for our group. BASS
    bassmasters started out just drumming up members one
    at a time. What do you think. I'm just as independent
    as the next guy but $6000 a year is tuff to take for
    health insurance . We could be "GRASSMASTERS"
  2. lbmd1

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    $6000 a year sounds high. I'm just north of Boston over the NH border where the cost of living is quite high. I'm 39 and my health insurance through my local agent for this area's largest HMO is only $160 a month. That's for $20 copays, $5 prescriptions, etc... As for my choice of doctors, they are almost all on the list. I even get 12 chiropractor visits a year!!! Very badly needed too. As for leaving your job with all the benefits, I along with many others will agree that the benefits of self employment are much more rewarding and can be more beneficial to your life,health, and family, as well as your bottom line are far greater.

  3. scottb

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    Is that family coverage or self. And what is the name of your Insurance company.
  4. TLS

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    $160/mo or week!!!??? Thats too good to be true. Eastern PA its like $450/mo. Thats why I have that P/T job. BENEFITS!!! Let us all know what company you are using and if its for family or single.

  5. thelawnguy

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    Check with your local Farm Bureau. For something like $50 per year you can get the group rates thru them. Ex., health insurance was approx 6000/yr for family coverage (HMO no deductible) thru them a couple years ago. Different chapters may offer different products.

    Look them up in the White Pages of your local directory.
  6. Twotoros

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    Mine is through Premera Blue Cross and costs me 254. a month
    , no dental or vision. I am 47.
  7. HOMER

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    Mine is through Farm Bureau also, Blue Cross of Alabama. My cost is roughly $250. and change a month.

  8. lbmd1

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    Hey guys,
    The $160 for my health insuance is for myself only per month. We have Healthsource as our HMO provider. We did have Tufts as our HMO but they left NH and operate in Massachusetts now. I would give you my local insurance reps name, but with HMO's they are for local areas only (New England) Are all of your quotes from a major health provider or from an HMO?

  9. Guest
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    I pay for my own company health insurance is $180.00 per month, this includes $10 co-pays, $7 perscriptions and also includes most doctors and hospitals in our area. My 5 year old daughter costs $95 per month for the same coverage. This company plan must have a minimum of 2 employees, I count as one and then one of my employees must get it. Most of the time one of them want it so I offer to pay half as a benifit and if none of them want it I have ended up paying for one for a few months and then dropping them, the insurance company counts 2 months as the enitre year. The only way I was able to get these rates was that I had to have a company plan with employees on the plan also. So you just have to shop and you will find afforable insurance out there.
  10. John DiMartino

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    I have my benefits through Bluecross/blueshield-Bluechoice HMO,they cost 549 mo.That is part of the reason Im working FT job,PT lawn/snowplowing.My Boss(Dad)pays them as he always has to all the employees.I have $10 co-pays,$5or $10 prescription(generic/name brand).I also get up to 33 chiropractor vistits a yr.I use every one of them on my aching back.This is a family plan,i need it with 3 little ones 5 and under-one of them is at the doctors at least every other week.

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