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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Scruffy, Jan 8, 2004.

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    I'm looking to go full-time and have my wife, the health insurance carrier, quit work. Can anyone give me any pointers on which health care providers are good to go with as far as service and price is concerned? Not sure if it matters but this is for Michigan. Any info is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Not sure about by you, but New York offers discounted health insurance at discounted rates for small businesses. You can choose from several different companies, and are very reasonable on prices. Aetna, US healthcare, or Vitra are among the cheapest. They all cost about $150.00 per month for single. As an employer, I am required to pay half of that. I would check with your state if they offer a similar plan. :cool:
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    tell u what, i recently left my full time job. i have cobra, it's $900 a month for a family of four, that's without dental. called aetna, they want $1250 a month, same coverage. keep the coverage if u can
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    I have mine thru BlueCross. The price has been better than any others I came across.
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    Hi Scruffy,

    Here is another post that may give you more insight.

    Health Insurance

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