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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by little green guy, Mar 10, 2004.

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    One of my guys approached me the other day about getting health insurance. This is one of my main guys and I need to keep him around so I've begun to look into it. The problem I've found is that I need to have him as a full time employee, which he is in my standards working 50+ hours a week, exept during the winter. Well the insurance company is saying to get him on a plan he needs to be working atleast 30 hours a week all year round which won't exactly work for me during the winter. Now, I havn't done a ton of research into this yet but I am wondering how you guys handle this. Does anyone offer benifits to their employee's and is there a way to get my guys on a plan without having them work full timr in the winter. I'm gonna talk to my insurance agent some more but I'm looking for some other input. Thanks guys.
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    we cover our guys with health insurance. in the winter they work less than 30 hours per week (although they do get paid for 40 hours) but, my point for answering you is that we never got questioned on how many hours are worked.

    we use mega health insurance. its an ok plan, it is not an HMO which most seem to like to have. we get it through NASE (national association for the self employeed)
    youcan check them out at
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    hey thanks. I'll look into that.

    The companies I've talked to so far say that the guys have to work atleast 30hrs a week in the winter too so I've gotta keep looking around or find something to do for 30 hrs a week in the winter I guess.
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    a way to get around the issue and save yourself the hassle and money is have him sign up for health insurance under his name, not the companys, and then you just cover the bill. Have it sent to you and you pay for it. Saves a lot money

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