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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Rupslawn, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Rupslawn

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    Saw earlier discussion on health insurance costs. Here in Hawaii it is mandated that all employees working 20+ hours must be offered health insurance. With insurance costs running about $545.00/month for employee and spouse, was wondering what other companies are doing to keep costs down. I looked in HSA/MSA but was not applicable in Hawaii with its mandated health act. Has anyone used American National Life Insurance Company of Texas? It is affiliated with National Business Association. Experiences/Opinions-good or bad?
  2. furball3

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    Sorry I am just a solo guy.

    But I would be willing to sell everything and move there pay for my own ins just live in your paradise. (oh and mow some yards too)
  3. davislawncare

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    I was previously a Health Agent for American National Life. I was contracted for about 2 years when they decided to no longer offer their product in our state. They were affiliated with NBA which simply is a group discount program for various services for the small business owner. Without the NBA membership, you couldnt get health insurance when I was with them. On the other hand, they are a great company with fantastic ratings !
  4. tiedeman

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    I can't believe that you have to do that. Are you sure about the 20 hrs thing?

    note to self: don't start a business in hawaii
  5. dkeisala

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    It's true, Hawaii has mandatory health coverage though I don't know the specifics. I do know they are at the forefront when it comes to making sure as many people as possible (in their state) have health insurance. Just wait, the feds are going to get involved to get more people covered across the country. Smaller businesses that are now exempt from having to provide coverage will no longer have that luxury. The only way to get more people covered is to force business to do it by tightening regulations and putting the screws to small business.:cry:
  6. Loganwildman

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    That blows. Your choice is to have more people working for you and work each one only 19 hours a week, or offer the ins. and risk going broke. Does Hawaii mandate the percentage of employee cost or do they simply state that it must be offered?
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    It must be offered. A good friend of mine has been on Maui for over 10 yrs. She has a side business,, but has to work a side job just afford the insurance, which is more than double/almost triple what I pay in KS. It seems like a deal for the part time worker, but with the cost of living there, you almost have to have 3 jobs to make it work expense wise.
    She keeps telling me I need to relocate there because of the 12 month grow season and constant work/locals who are lazy.

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