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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Green Acres, Feb 1, 2001.

  1. Green Acres

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    I was looking into getting healt insurance for myself this year and was trying to learn more about it. I'm full time in the biz and not married so I can't use a spouses insurance. How many of you have it? I went to the guy that does my biz insurance and health insurance is $100 a month but only covers hospital bills. Would like to have something that covers doctor bills, pills, etc. What company do you guys use? I'm 21 right now so my premiums will be half-way cheap since I'm still younger. Hopefully I won't ever need it but who knows. Now days a week in the hospital will cost you $20,000 if not more.
  2. CCLC

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    Major medical is probably what your agent presented to you. That is what we have through Golden Rule. We were going to get Blue Cross but we had to have 3 employees on the same plan to keep it cost effective. It was about $350 per couple (husband/wife). With out it was going to be $600 per month. With a perscription card we pay $130 per month. Insurance is expesive, but the first time that you have a surgery or an extended stay at the hospital it paid for itself many times over.
  3. Green Finger

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    Do you have number? So you pay $130 monthly for you and your wife?
  4. beck

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    I have "Alliance choice indiviual" through blue cross/blue shield.

    At age 19-24 being a non-smoker it is $87 a month, smoker $93 a month. It has $10 copays for office visits and $10 generic drugs.

    The maximum out of pocket expense on my coverage is $1500 for "in-network" per year. It is called coinsurance pertaining to:Ambulance service, durable medical equipment, orthotic devices, prosthetic appliances, any outpatient therapy(speech, Physical, or Occupational-my degree)

    the number is 1 800 331-5414

    hope that helps
  5. zimm4

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    Watch out for companys that raise the premium all the time.
    What they will do is give you a good price and then raise it all the time.

    You should get coverage as soon as possible. Shop around first.

    Im lucky my wife hass hmo coverage on our family. Me and my wife + 2 children.

    70$ A month with only A 10 dollar copay.

  6. jay

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    Ditto on zimm4 about the premiums, we just ot a bill today for $251 for my wife and I. We have a hmo through blue shields which was $210 a month when we signed up. I just got through calling them leting them know I we couldn't aford that. We are looking for a new health care company in our area any situations is most appreciated. Hopefully next year my wife will be able to get insurance through her work for us. Don't know what I'll do untill then though. I've tried Keiser and bluecross neither of them work out eithier. Good luck.
  7. linky

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    Blue Cross Blue Shield 28yrs old-smoker its $107 per month a $10 copay for ppo visits
    $10 FOR MED.
    $300 Deductible
    $1000 max. OOP
  8. pcs

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    You guy's have it bad in the US. Here we don't have to pay for anything only medication. We can go to the doctor as much as we want.
  9. Barkleymut

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    Yeah but all the doctors that are worth a crap come to the US where there is still a little bit of getting paid what your worth. I'm sure there are advantages to your health system (its much easier for the patient thats for sure) but us in the States don't want the govt getting their hands on anything else. Especially something as big as healthcare. If you think our taxes are high now ask a Canuck what they pay. Last I heard it was around 55%.
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