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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by snap12.5, Mar 17, 2005.

  1. snap12.5

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    Just wondering what u guys pay for health coverage. I know that because of the nature of the work, the insurance should be more because of a higher risk of injury. I am mostly interested in seeing what operators age 22 (after college) to age 30 pay. Thanks
  2. wanabe

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    I am 24, and pay 118.xx every 2 months to BlueCross. It does not cover doctors visits, just ER and hospital Stuff. It will run 2 times the above price if you want doctors visits covered.
  3. Skookum

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    I got a qoute from Antheim - Blue Cross, for their top plan with doctor visits and meds and it was $149 a month to cover myself and $180 more to cover my two young sons = $329 a month for all three of us.
  4. robcrow03

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    Snap, check out They can give you some pretty good info on different plans along wiht cost.
  5. Precision Lawns

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    We have health insurance through our local farmer's bureau. It's BCBS, but at a group rate instead of individual. We pay $254/mo for my wife and I and it covers ER, doctor visits, maternity, ambulance...pretty much the same coverage you'd get through an employer. It was, I believe, a $25 fee to become a member of the bureau - well worth it for the cheaper good coverage (same coverage through individual policy we were getting quotes around $400-$500/mo). Oh, and I am 22, she is 24.

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