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health problem


LawnSite Member
I know this is off topic but I`d like to know if any
of you guys ever had to deal with clinical depression
personally or otherwise. I`ve been hit real hard with
this myself and trying to run my business and keep it
together at home has been hell. I wouldn`t wish this
on my worst enemy. Lawnsite really helps me at the
end of the day by giving me somehting to take my mind
off of things. Thanks guys.


Gulf Shores, AL
I too have depression, secondary to chronic cervical pain from degeneration of C5-C6. While I tried managing my health for two years, I became more depressed while the neck and arm pain increased. Only this year did I start medication for the depression, e.g., Prozac and Trazadone at bedtime. My symptoms are much improved both mentally and physically since I started using the medication and visiting the chiropractor weekly. I have tried to stop using Prozac and Trazadone but the symptoms reappear within a few days. However there is light at the end of the tunnel and its not another train. Hang in there!

pace lawn care

LawnSite Member
SE Arkansas

Sorry to hear of your problem. Try JESUS CHRIST he"s a great cure-all, if it's his will. I'm sure a lot of us here will be praying for you. Good luck & GOD bless.

im sorry to hear that Gus....two years ago i had the same thing...it was so bad i even got sepperated from the wife for six months cause she just didnt understand...and neither did i,after try lots of differnt pills i finally found one that worked for me,after about two months a felt much better and after 9 months i quit the meds and have been pretty good,so i wish you the best.

take care


LawnSite Senior Member
I to have been dealing with depression for many yrs,First started after being drafted in 69. After i came home from the army in 71 it was very hard to get adjusted back to regular life. Ive been on several kinds of medicine. They seem to help at times, but i believe the most important thing that turned things around for me was as gary said Jesus Chirst, I thank God everyday for my salvation through the blood of Jesus, I to would not wish this on anyone the depression,and i will be praying for all on the Forum. So keep your chin up and keep going forward i do believe things do get better. Thanks for everyones knowledge i use from reading this Forum. Marks Mowing Service


Moderator, Friend, Angel
South East
I found an herb that will help: Avena sativa(wild oats) by Gaia herbs. It comes in a liquid extract. 5 drops of this stuff a day will change your life. No drowsyness. Find it at a good health food store or at http://www.puritan.com- 1800-645-1030. This stuff is powerful and gives you alot of energy and great for depression. I don't think Gaia makes the stuff at puritan. But I guess its the same type anyway. Let us know if you try it and how it works. Works great for me and some of my family members


LawnSite Silver Member
hang in there gus.

knowing that you are in depression is half of the battle.

I was laid off my job in '95. I got depressed, everyone could see it but me.

going into lawn care got me out of my depression.

good luck.



LawnSite Member

like most others have said hang in there, seems i am not the only one with this problem. I guess it just seems like i am the only one. have had a few really good weeks lately, and i am thankful. As others have said i put my trust and my health in Gods hands. keep up a good fight.



LawnSite Fanatic
N.E. Wisconsin
It is great that we are able to discuss this topic because there are more people that have some degree of this problem than we know. I am no exception. I may not have a severe case but I also know that things aren't always right.
As was said above, the biggest step you can take is to realize that you have it and you are not alone. It is not a disease that means you are crazy but sometimes society protrays it as that. That couldn't be further from the truth. Origins of the disease can be cultural, social, and even heriditary. In my work I have dealt with people that truly can be classified as crazy and these people have deep problems that require constant supervision or intense mind altering prescription drugs. I also have dealt with people that have depression and they are like me or you.
Events of our lives affect us differently. Some have many events, others have stress, others are anxious, all need help in one way or another. Everyone WANTS to be heatlhy and feel good. I am certainly glad you brought this topic up for others to be enlightened by. Keep up the fight and do what you have to do. There are many concerned people and help is available in many forms, even here at Lawnsite. Take care. ED