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    Have never actually missed one. It is the dream that you can see the property and just know that you missed it. When you wake up you realize that you do not have a property like the one in the dream. As far as a social life March thru November is just about nill. It all seems to be a cycle. When you first start you do not have enough work. You build up a clientele till you are working 7 days a week. Hire your first employee to help with the work load. Take on more work cause now you are not only responsible for your income but theirs as well. Schedule now is 0700 to 1500 Monday thru Saturday. We take no breaks as we both just want to get it over and in the air conditioning. (Would work longer but with the heat that is when things get broken or people get hurt) Bear takes Sunday off to visit with his grandkids I work half a day. Heck live one block from the boat launch, boat is still in storage. Get irritated if the wife plans anything that would involve me being awake after 2000. Man I sound like a big sissy come on November
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    My wife has worked with me most of the time over the past couple of years. Last Winter, when making a medical visit, a questionable spot was found on her ear, the upper part of the outside lobe -- melonoma! Three minor surgeries were required to get it all dug out, plus a skin graft to repair the damage. The depth was only 1 mm short of needing to test lymph nodes.

    My point -- all those brown spots look the same to most of us ... but obviously one was cancer.

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