Hearing bad things about Ferris

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by dathorpe, Nov 3, 2013.

  1. williams lcm

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    Bent deck? Let me tell you that my new ferris 2013 3100z mows the roughest lot around . I don't think anyone can beat mowing over cypress knees and low swamp grounds.I have put this machine to major abuse and still keeps trucking along. One tuff machine
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  2. Valk

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    How many hours?
  3. cimkill

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    Yes the deck was bent and not only bent but folded in on impact with a low lying tree stump. It folded, I was not on the machine but was present on impact. The mower was going about 8mph when it hit the unseen stump and instantly killed the blades. I was talking to the client explaining to him that the mower had individual wheel motors when it happened. I could not believe that it got hooked on it and then folded. My hustler z has hit stumps bigger than that and the person on the mower would jolt forward and almost come off but deck did not even have a dent. When I replicated the decks, the welder said that the hustlers deck had far more braces and a brace between the leading edge and the blade compartment which is why it held up better also it was a heavier guage steel. The new deck is 7 guage steel with more steel braces than the original hustler deck and has a steel brace from leading edge all the way to the blade compartment. This new deck that I got made is what the original one should have been built like. I have spent tons repairing and shipping down all the parts. My conditions are really rough, I will be posting pictures and video of some of the properties we take care of as soon as my new equipment arrives. Should have pics up at the end of next week so you guys can appreciate smooth graded yards and properties.
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    I have a 1500. I am a school teacher and have some of my students for employees. So my machine gets used by 17 and 18 yr old kids. (So you can imagine the abuse it takes.) I had a small hydro leak but that is all. Not a single problem other than that. 706.8 hours on it. I mow a lot of rough terrain...old cemeteries and such.
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    Pleased to report from Australia that we have had only 3 suspension repairs during our time with Ferris .Considering the number of all models used here including 5100's on roadside duty in Kangaroo Island this speaks for itself.
    One Is3100 that fell off a small ledge and sheared the supsension pivot took
    just 15 minutes to repair...we have some really bad terrain here that renders most front decks un-useable. I would suggest that premature wear would be from excessive speed and high speed fwd-reverse movements ....some operators are always going to be harder on machines than others.
    We dont regret the investment we have made in Ferris and the fact that we can offer customers both sprung and unsprung versions cements the brand
    as a leader in durabilty and comfort and value.Other major brands here have
    had a free ride on price gouging and bad support over the last 20 years and we needed a third player to break that monopoly.. ..now Gravely and Hustler
    are after Toro and Deere as well and everyone has to perform. I look forward to toasting my 1000'th Ferris sale here in the near future.
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  6. OOOWEE Big Daddy

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    I've owned a Ferris 2000 52" (pre-sloped deck) with 25hp Kaw and it was THE Best Riding, WORSE Cutting, most under powered Mower I ever had! SOLD for $4500 w 200hrs.

    Next Mower: Scag Cheetah 61" with 31hp Kawasaki...Beautiful ride over relatively smooth properties...Nearly sent me to hospital after suspension SLAMMED me into the frame several times...One of the best cuts ever! Was so underpowered I always had to leave rubber guard up or motor would bogg especially on slopes...Kaw Smoked TERRIBLY at start up...Never could safely do 16mph because front wheel would go into a "Death Wobble"

    Current Mowers: 2013 Ferris 3100 with 36hp Vanguard, 61" Deck and a 2016 Exmark Full platform suspension 810cc Kaw with 61" Deck...

    First of all I cut a Bunch of rough rocky and sloped properties in South Texas and NOTHING Comes close to a Ferris 3100 on rough to extreme properties...

    I bought the New Exmark to replace the 225hr 3100 but after putting the Exmark Full Suspension on rough properties I can't sell my 3100!

    If you mow smooth properties all the time, buy a Scag, Exmark, or any other mower with a suspension...

    I'm 6'2" 335lbs and this is the BADDEST Mower I've ever owned for less than ideal properties...

    "Almost" as good a cut as the Scag and Exmark, and in 100 degree weather it's the FIRST mower I ever owned that keeps hydro fluid so cool it doesn't whine nomatter how hard you push her!

    Mated witb the 36 Vanguard I actually brushcut 5' tall grass with ease! Zero Problems with suspension...And I really doubt if anyone else here runs a mower harder on rougher property than me!

    Mower Hugs Slopes and will give you a clear warning before you get into trouble...I would sell my Brand New Exmark TODAY if I could by a new 3200 where the deck hangs from the suspension (new one's don't)

    Only complaint: This is an OWNER OPERATOR MOWER ONLY WITH THE 36 VANGUARD!!!

    You MUST restrain yourself in tall grass because the Belt cannot handle the Vanguard's power and you will go throught many deck belts if you don't slow down, because the Might Vanguard is more than happy to Smoke a Belt!
  7. xjjeepman1

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    Hello all, new Ferris owner here. Would like some input from people with Ferris knowledge;
    I recently purchased a used Ferris 3100 32 HP BB with 72" ICD deck. It is supposedly a 2013 model. Brought my mower into a local Ferris dealer to have it gone through and they informed me that most of the suspension bushings are wore out- the mower only has 429 hours on it. Is this normal? The camber on the rear wheels is inward to the point its wearing the tread quickly on the inside of the tires. Also, the front shock bushings seem to be toast as well. I would like to replace them myself, but when i look on the parts diagrams, I don't see them. I only see the complete shock and spring assembly. Do i really have to purchase 4 new shock/spring assemblies!?? Can someone shed some light on this for me?? TIA!
  8. williams lcm

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    I got about 900 hours on my rear tires on my 2013 ferris 3100 z with 61 deck. The suspension bushings where still excellent at 1100 hrs. Mine sat outside the whole 3 years and bushings and shocks still good. You should not have to replace this stuff with such low hours. I hope those are the correct hours. Yes the tires will wear on the inside.
  9. xjjeepman1

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    Yes I am also hoping the hours are correct but im not sure if ill ever know for sure 100%. No real way to tell if the hour meter was replaced or disconnected. Sounds like you have had good luck with yours, im hoping for the same.
  10. ashgrove landscaping

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    That's right track for what they don't tell you. Everything get real loose and you replace tires more often. Messes up the cutting height as well more often. I was with ferris for 14 years and now I'm on scags. I won't be going back. I should have switched sooner.

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