Hearing Protection (Music/Bluetooth)


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I was just wondering what everyone is using for Hearing protection and listening to music for the guys that are mowing super long days? It would be nice to be able to hear if you have a phone call or message come through instead of stopping to check your phone every once in awhile. I also like to listen to music while I'm on the mower and was wondering what you guys are using and having good results with. Thanks.


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I used to be super cheap and just buy the $10 earbuds and use them til they break. Was very skeptical about spending $70~ on headphones...... but very glad I did.


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I was just thinking of this as well. I like to listen to music when I mow but head phones are just so hot when the temps get into the 90's. Wanting to try so.e wireless earbuds and saw the ISO Tunes. Thinking of them as well. My problem is keeping my phone clean of debris. I mow such dusty yards I would need to keep my phone in a sealed bag or something.


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Isotunes. Specifically the pro 2. I can go all week on a single charge , they are loud enough to completely cover the sound of a br700/br800 blower and exmark mower , and their customer service is top notch. Almost a year after I got them they started having issues with the audio and they got me a replacement pair fairly quickly


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I just bought the isotunes 2.0 the other day. looking forward to trying them out. Mowing in the drizzling rain the other day I couldn't wear my big over ear muffs with my wide brim hat.

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