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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by dwost, May 24, 2004.

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    After much research and reading on here I ended up building my own set of "work tunes" so to speak. I was going to just buy a set of the $50 ones from walmart but I really wanted something I could plug my MP3 player into. I looked at the Elvex models and they are quite nice but will run $90+ depending on which model you choose. So, for a mere $17 I built a set has NR 25db rating, a place to mount my MP3 player so there are no wires getting in the way. It can be used either with or without the player. Here's what I did and some pics to show the finished product. It works great.

    I purchased a set of the "Husqvarna" earmuffs from Lowe's. I looked at several models from AO Safety/peltor, etc.. But they were all 20-22db. The Husqvarna ones were not only 25db rated but have a slick adjustment to increase or decrease pressure against your head. They also have replaceable ear cups which allowed me to run the wires into the earmuff making it look factory.

    I used a set of $7 sony headphones that I had laying around and a phone clip that I attached to my player (I already use the clip in my car so now I can use it for both very easily) I simply removed the band from the headphones, reattached the foam covers. I then popped off the ear foam and ran the wire and speaker assembly into the unit, snapped the earpads back onto the earmuffs and wallah, had a working stereo/hearing protector! It can be used like this if you'd rather have the radio/mp3/tapedeck/cd,etc... attached to your belt. I personally wanted an "all-in-one" setup so I then ran the wires around the top and secured them with zip ties.

    I then attached the holder with some 3m double sided tape and it was completed. Granted, this might look a little goofy with the player sticking out, however, I was more interested in function over form and I can always change it back if I decide to. The sound is awesome and It is fully rated at 25db. Enjoy!!

    completed assembly.jpg
  2. dwost

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    Here is the completed unit with the player attached.

  3. dwost

    dwost LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Closeup of the holder

  4. dwost

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    Pic of the unit upclose.

  5. dwost

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    The speaker placed inside the earmuff.

  6. dwost

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    the player........1.5gh, holds about 300 mp3's and 450 wma.

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    cool it's time to go to home depot.:cool:
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    That's slick...I've always used a radio but the stations would fade in/out. Mp3 seems like the way to go. 300 tunes!!!! WOW
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    Very ingenious I must say.
  10. dwost

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    Thanks all, I had the same issue with FM, and really I'd rather listed to the music I want when I want it. Anyway, this is a great little player. It's the smallest in it's class and fairly priced at about $180. The Ipod's are awesome, but they are bigger and will run you 250-400 depending on the model. They came out with a mini pod but again, I think it is bigger than this one.

    Rio also has a 4g model exactly the same as mine and it holds about 800-1000 songs. Plenty for a full weeks work......lol

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