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hearing protectors and MP3 players?


LawnSite Bronze Member
Has anyone tried these : http://www.elvex.com/Com-210.htm

They have the noise reduction, but also the import plug so you can hook them up to an MP3 player. Im thinking i may give them a try. anyone have anything huge against them or are they a quality company?


LawnSite Member
Just got them the other day and they are working well. The only criticism I have is that they are not loud enough. Maybe I am going deaf as a result of not using them before. I have not plugged my mp3 player into the port yet. They seem realy sturdy and the fm reception is great. I guess if they were any louder it would defeat the purpose. While running blowers and trimmers I can barely hear the engines.

Blades of Steel

LawnSite Senior Member
Southaven, MS
I use a Sony Walkman and some high dollar head phones. The only down fall i see is the AAA batteries. I go through a ton of them. Working alone they are okay but when the guys are wearing theirs I can't say anything to them. I wind up throwing things at them to get there attention.


LawnSite Bronze Member
I agree that battery consumption may get outrageous, so i was planning to get rechargable batteries.

Jonathan, did you get the exact model that i linked? Im somewhat curious as to the comment you posted... im almost wondering if you got the quiet tunes.