hearsay on briggs

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by awm, Aug 28, 2002.

  1. awm

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    i want to handle this tactfully.

    nope changed my mine about posting this sorry to bother u.
  2. Come on ya got me curious-wont be able to do nothing till I find out. I'm running lots of briggs, cant say nothing to hurt my feelings.
  3. awm

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    i really would bob, but i think it might possibly not be wise . a private email mabe ,but not on this forum. yet anyway.
    rest assured it didnt have anything
    to do with bad briggs engines ,or anything like that.:)
  4. FrankenScagMachines

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    Hey awm, could you email me that please? bush_hog_v36@yahoo.com
    I have 3 B&S 8hp engines, two regular aluminum's and one I/C, the I/C and a regular aluminum one are vertical, the I/C gets used weekly for an hour and a half and the other not at all. The aluminum horizontal shaft has been rebuilt and is used on my pulling garden tractor. They are pretty good engines, for residential use. I'm guessing each of them has at least 1000 hrs on them. I put new rings in the I/C engine last winter, two winters ago the horizontal puller was rebuilt, (will sell or trade for 12 or 16hp maybe 14hp Kohler, only has 2 pulls on it so far plus less than 100 hrs normal light use.) and the other one needs new rings and bore but works great except for smoke on startup and some light smoke during use. I'm thinking about getting a new 10.5 or 12.5 hp I/C B&S vertical shaft for my 32" eXmark wb, as I wont' be using it THAT much, and can't afford anything else right now. I can take care of it and make it last pretty good anyway. Plus I have a 1974 B&S 3.5Hp? on a 1974 Toro 21" aluminum deck front wheel self propelled drive. This thing has seen alot of better days, was given to me this year and STILL fires on first pull and is impossible to kill even in 1' tall weeds with the chute clogged! I also have a '71 3.5hp horizontal shaft B&S with the 2 peice flojet carb (great carb IMO) with a pump mounted on it. It came from a mine after it had a ton of hours on it, then was given to my grandpa. It sat outside for at least 7 years w/o air filter on it (open carb open to weather and animals, dirt, etc.) he gave it to me, all I did was take part of the carb off and clean it, and it will fire on the first or second pull! BTW, all the other engines I mentioned fire first pull and 2 of the 3 still have the original ignition modules. We also have a freak case 3.5hp Tecumseh on a 16" rear tine craftsman tiller, always fires first pull and has never been properly stored for winter. We got it for $100 and all thats been done to it in 3 years (its late 80's i'm guessing, haven't looked it up) since we've had it is drain the gas tank out because it had been outside when we got it, and I had to replace the belt earlier this year. It works great and fires up first pull every single time and is hard to kill it. This is the only Tecumseh that has actually been good and worth the money to me. I have a '84 Toro 21" self propelled (rear drive, steel wheels) rear bagger, with a 4hp Tecumseh on it, I got this year and put about $35 into plus swapped the carb for a newer one off of a craftsman. It will start first pull and is very strong, great engine. I sold it for $75 w/trade in on 6 hp B&S powered self propelled MTD 21" mower with 1/4" wobble in the crank, below the deck, maybe repairable with those tools you get. Wish I hadn't went that low on the Toro though. Great mower, hate to get rid of it but I never use it and i need the money.
    So I have had pretty good luck with the lower quality engines, but this is all residential use. I'd appreciate it if you'd email that to me. And sorry for rambling!
  5. The Mrs. has many relitives that build B&S engines.

    One put the connecting rod in, and snap ring. One loads a machine to put the rings on.

    ETC.......After knowing this I now have someone to blaim for the nightmares those engines can give you in the commerialy used world.

    BTW I used to race a go-kart while running a methane fueled B&S 5 horse. The I graduated to Yamaha 100cc tripple 2 stokes. Yup that's right 3 engines and it would do 137mph.
  6. awm

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    wow . wouldnt mind seeing that gocart . but u wouldnt catch me on it at 137mph.
    my gosh thats about what i was clocked at in my buick with the wildcat motor.
    MANY years ago. i walked a while after that. i was ticked cause another guy shot me out o the saddle. if u know what i mean.

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