Heat causing 2 stroke problems????

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 2k1yzfr1, Apr 3, 2007.

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    Today was the first day in the mid 80's and all of my 2 stroke problems started. The main problem I am having is with a 6 month old Redmax 8000 blower.....when I start it up for the first 1-2 mins the the blower won't get more than 40% throttle and eventually will get to full throttle and runs perfect. The only thing that seems to make it run somewhat better is to pull the return line out of the tank and putting a screw into the rubber grommet. I have tried every different oils/fuel stations and grade without any improvements. What effects does heat have with fuel? Could the heat be causing vapor lock?
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    It's not likely you're having vapor lock. The gas just doesn't stay in the very short lines long enough to get that hot especially on a cold start. It's just trashy gas. You will suddenly stop having problems just as quickly as you started having problems. I've been living with this problem for years.
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    Don't keep fuel cans sitting in the sun?
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    there are constantly new additives in fuel and some hurt performance. also, new EPA regulations restrict carb adjustment and are getting tighter and tighter. some carbs are set for high elevation work like crap in lower elevations. but start simple, dump out your gas, buy new gas, not from the same can, and see how she runs
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    pull the inline fuel filter completely off and run it.

    if the problem disappears, replace the fuel filter problem solved.

    are you way over filling the gas tank. if so don't other way to get vapor lock.
    run it for a few seconds, turn it off, open the gas tank, close the gas tank and restart.

    if the problem disappears, you had vapor lock

    Buy some sea foam (I think that is what its called) a de-watering agent for the gas. dump your old gas out and run some new gas with this stuff in it. cleans out the lines.

    empty your current gas can into a clear gas container. check for debris.

    this happens to me sometimes, that I get crap in the gas can and that last fill up drops all the crap in there and some of it gets "lodged" in the carb for a while.

    It really shouldn't be a heat thing. We rarely run ours when it is BELOW 80 degrees and have no problems. I don't run Redmax but lots of other people here do.

    could also be a gunky spark plug. once it gets hot it will run better.

    hope it is something easy.
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    i have that same thing happen to me once in a while, what i do is as its running and your on the throttle put the choke on and off, you will hear when the engine clears up then your ready to go. i also was told by my dealer to do this when my mowers get alittle junk in the carb, but you have to do it as soon as you hear it start to stumble, im not sure how it really works but they said it helps blow out junk that gets in the jets.... i hope this help you...

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