Heat exhaustion

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by TwoGuyswithMowers, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. JBNC

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    You didn't have any water?? Are you crazy?

    I drink about 1.5 gallons of water a day throughout the summer. I buy the big gatorade powder tubs and make my own gatorade to save money. I fill up a 32oz water bottle with gatorade to start the day and then refill it with water as the day goes on. I feel fine all day long.
  2. Outlawn

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    Where in West Texas?
  3. kennymo81

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    I drink Coconut water from vita coco and I have not had any hydration issues. It tastes like absolute crap but I just down one or two during the day and drink plenty of water and I'm fine. I cut 8 lawns by myself with a push mower in 99 degree Philadelphia heat and no cramps or anything. I had some a serious heat exhaustion occurrence when I was 21 and I used to pour concrete. Was pouring concrete around a swimming pool, after pouring 3 large jobs before that. I hadn't really eaten or drank anything all day and I smoked cigs at the time. I got dizzy and started having heart palpitations. The guys I was with threw me in the pool. I wasn't right for weeks after that, so now I make sure I hydrate.
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    We had 100 days over 100 degrees we work 6 am till 2,ice ice water all day long,maybe an ice mixed vitamin water,but livin and working outside in the desert you must drink water ice cold water it's the best
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    Nylon hiking pants are a god send over jeans. If you drink over a gallon you need more than water. Juice or something replace minerals. The worst day I've ever had was drinking 5 gals of fluid and never had to pee for the whole day. It was 105 out, high humidity, and shrub pruning for 10 hrs. Shaklee performance is my go to when I need something in my water.
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  6. Jallal

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    In heat like that, I would go through 3 gallons in a day on my own. You need to be careful!
  7. TTS

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    I don't have enough accounts to make a full days route but I still take a gallon of water and 32 oz of gatorade (mixed from the powder) every time I go out. General recommendation is around 1 cup of gatorade to 6 cups of water to keep everything balanced.
  8. untranslate

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    Drink water BEFORE you start work and BEFORE you get thirsty. IT takes time for your body to process the water you drink. The magic trick is to start sipping water 30 minutes before you start the hard work. If your feel the need to guzzle tons of water your waiting to long between drinking. If you want cheap ice just fill up your used plastic bottles (Gator aid or whatever) with water and freeze them. They take a long time to melt so add them to water in a cooler of some sort. You dont want to be thirsty with only ice around. If you start getting a headache or cramps you need salt. I keep a few salt packs in my truck for emergencies. Also all that salt is bad for you thing does not apply to you. Your special. On a hot day you should drink 2 gallons of water easy.
  9. zeebart

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    na na: we go through a case of water per day plus 2 large powerades (i don`t recommend more than that)
    check the urine color, clear is what ur looking for...
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    Sorry I must have missed this post last year.....LOL...Im in Snyder about an hour and a half north of ya.

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