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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Vibe Ray, Feb 19, 2001.

  1. Vibe Ray

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    Have you guys ever gotten a really bad headache from workin' in the heat? What causes this? What's the best thing to do about it? Or the best way to avoid it?
  2. bob

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    I don't get "heat headaches". But if you use common sense, drink plenty of water. You should be alright.
  3. CandJ

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    What your describing is dehydration and the beginning of heat exhaustion. The headache is a symptom of dehydration from the heat. Treatment includes moving to a cooler environment (air conditioning) and fluid replacement. A sports drink is fine, but not too much (just enough to replace electolytes and that depends on the degree of electrolytes lost. I usually drink a quart of Gatorade with lunch, and water the rest of the day). Drinking a lot of water during the day is the best way to combat the headaches and thirst and will also serve to keep yourself cooler too.
  4. moonarrow

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    a HEAT headace is the first sympton of an oncoming heat stroke. you need to cool off , wet a towel and wrap it around you neck and find a cool place imediatly. To avoid drink lots of water, and drink a sports drink, with electrolytes, preferably not gator aid, it is really not that good for you , it has way to much salt instead of electrolytes, something like poweraid is much better. Read the ingredients and make sure it doesn't have much salt, and plenty of electrolytes.
  5. mowerman90

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    Just take a dip in the pool!
  6. KirbysLawn

    KirbysLawn Millenium Member
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    You might be a redneck if your pool is in the back of your pick-up!
  7. TJLC

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    Now I've seen everything. Good one mowerman90.LOL
  8. Do you take the pool with you Mowerman90, to you jobsites?

    Vibe Ray, drink plenty of fluids preferably water and a sports drink to add back electrolytes that you sweat out. Be careful, don't become a statistic by becoming a victim of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

  9. CandJ

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    Heat exhaustion is a milder heat illness (than heatstroke) and an acute reaction to heat exposure. It is the most common heat illness that we will see while working in hot environments, because we can lose 1 - 2 liters of water and 20 - 50 meq of sodium per hour. Replenishment of fluids and cooling will generally reverse the headaches and general weakness associated with heat exhaustion and can be done on site.

    If you are suffering from Heat Stroke, you need to be checked out at the hospital. Heat stroke is a true emergency condition as the body temp is typically at least 105 degrees F, and sweating has ceased. Heat Stroke is characterized by confusion, disorientation, or loss of consciousness and possible seizures. The treatment again calls for replacement of fluids, but also aggressive rapid active cooling and a trip to the ER due to the resulting central nervous system disturbances.

  10. Man Joe

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    Sometimes I would feel good when working but would feel thirsty.When I would drink soda I wouldn't feel as good as before drinking the soda. So I switched to water or 100% fruit juice. This solved the problem.

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