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    Same here. Average last frost about Mid-May. 20 to 30 degrees above normal. We expect 80 today. (76 at the moment.)

    Soil temp a few minutes ago under thick turf was 50 degrees.

    Fruit farmers worried about late freeze.

    What about states where fert is prohibited until April first?

    Perhaps New York and New Jersey. So you guys cannot even start yet?

    So far who has dandelion bloom?
  2. grassyfras

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    I have dandelions. I put down barricade .37 and will most likely do a half rate or full rate of dimension because of this crazy weather. I mow all my fert. customers and hate crabgrass.
  3. ted putnam

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    A little maybe. Mostly on the large quantity of lawns I've picked up that someone else did last year.:laugh:

    What has really caused the problem with most of the yards is long term disease problems the last 2 yrs associated with unusual weather conditions. Typical diseases for my area are Zoysia- Rust or Large patch. Bermuda- Dollar spot only occasionally.
    This last year we were infested with 2 we'd never seen before- Take all patch and Pythium Blight. The Pythium was slamming both Zoysia and Bermuda. Add to that 40 days over 100 and one day it reached 117 and its been a disaster.
  4. RigglePLC

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    No dandelions here ...so far.
    However we have bloom of winter annual hairy cress, and perennial veronica. Also a few blooms of wild violets. Grass is greening up almost without browning out from last winter.

    Gosh, I hope the summer is not 20 degrees warmer.

    And we had a heavy thunderstorm just miss us yesterday. Mild tornado near Ann Arbor. Potential for heavy storms if a cold front comes through.

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