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  1. jcraig

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    how do you cope with the summer heat?
  2. krackerjack9

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    I used to think 112 to 115 was hot in Texas but after my stint in Iraq the first summer there with 6 weeks were it was 130+ and at 2200 at night it was still not below 105, I dont worry about now. The worst was in Dubia we flew in at 0330 it was still 103 out and it was foggy outside that was insanely hot. The very first week we were in Baghdad they had one of these unbeliveable dust storms and by the end of the week over 1000 people had died. After that learned a few tricks from the locals, were long sleve clothing and hard to believe buy wraping a towel around your head kept you much cooler and you wouldnt loose as much body moisture. We had several guys who go dehydrated over there kept wanting to wear t shirts which is fine but they would drink much water, they come in from the heat to a cool 88 degree room and before you knew it they be loosing it. I can remember people wearing jackets in the morning when the temp was in the low 90's and by the time we left the defac a hour or so latter it was already 107 out.
  3. SLMGT

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    Drink plenty of water and be thankful for the heat. The heat is one reason clients are willing to pay for lawn care.:usflag:

    IRRITECH LawnSite Senior Member
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    The guys wear long sleeve shirts and pants, I've heard that it will keep you cooler. Me, shorts, polo, alot of water and A/C. (except the A/C is out in the irrigation truck, and that sucks)
  5. Dr.NewEarth

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    I carry a side pouch of gaterade at all times if I'm doing maintenance or any long walks on properties. I put a bike drink clip on one of the 21 inch mowers too.

    I wear shorts and work boots. My socks get covered in clippings.

    I have to wear a big hat and a long sleeved shirt and I put on sunscreen a few times a day. I burn easily.

    Having A/C in my truck is nice too, but we generally don't get hotter than 90 most of the time in the summer.

    Why the early post? Here it's wetter than a waterfall lately?
  6. Snyder's Lawn Inc

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    I never run AC till day is over Drink lots water I put down 3-4 gallons water per day when temps are up pass 95
  7. JPsDuramax

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    I keep the truck set at 60 through out the day. The help hates it in the mornings. They actually bring coats with them when it supposed to be 90+ later in the day. Lol Other than that, I drink plenty of water and Gatorade.
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  8. StihlMechanic

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    Lots of water. The night before I freeze tap water in a few 2 liter bottles and let it thraw through out the next day. Its still cold by 2-3pm. No AC in my truck which sucks here in Texas but helps me adapt to the heat better.
  9. SouthSide Cutter

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    Powerade and Gatorade have way to much sugar for me. Started using Propel lemon wtr. and just plain wtr. When we used to work in the hay fields old farmer said nothing quenched your thirst like unsweetened tea. It works but its a pain to get ready everyday.
  10. topsites

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    Most folks think that heat rises, and while this is true, what happens in fact
    is that cold displaces heat and not the other way around.

    We have to understand in this Universe cold is the default, whenever there is absolutely nothing going on it is cold,
    very cold, in fact so dang cold we can't even begin to measure these extreme forms of cold that stem from nothingness.

    Cold always exists, the Universe started very cold and it will likely end very cold, it is a fact that in at least 99%
    of the Universe it is right now very, very cold, or at the least too cold for life to exist and only in very small portions
    of the Universe does heat exist in any quantity, an ever smaller part does heat exist where life can occur, and the
    rest is occupied by heat too great to consider for conversational purposes.

    Because cold is not just the absence of heat, but heat is not the absence of cold,
    it takes energy to create heat and without heat you have cold, but without cold
    you still have nothing and you can't get heat out of nothing hence the absence of
    cold does not, can not exist.

    Not that it helps, but I thought I'd explain it.
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