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Heatlh Insurance


LawnSite Member
three oaks mi
Started my business this April. i have grown to the point that next season there is no possible way to keep my full time job and be able to service my customers the way it needs to be done. My wife is a independent contractor to so there is no insurance possible there either. I shopped around and the rates with kids are crazy. what are you guys doing for health insurance :help:

Howard Roark

LawnSite Senior Member
We went online with ehealthinsurance.com and ended up going with unicare. Family of 3, 2K deductible, we pay $215 mo. Rates most likely differ by state as well though.


LawnSite Gold Member
We pay 600.00/month 5000.00 family deductible. Looks like we should shop around. Although we have some preexisting conditions that might make it difficult to switch. Met our deductible last two years.