Heavy Clover Problems

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by mc1169, Jun 10, 2004.

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    Purchased the home about 4 months ago. Lawn is original, so it's about 50 years old (I'm assuming). The property is in South Eastern PA (Philly). In April I applied Scotts Turf Builder With Halts Crabgrass Preventer.

    As you'll be able to see from the pics I'll post later tonight, it doesn't seem to have helped much. I have not applied any weed and feed since. I was getting ready to do the next step in the program (Turf Builder With PLUS 2 Weed Control) but I received an ad from TG/CL in the mail offering a fairly good deal. (Lawn is just under 15,000 sq.ft. they offer $49 per application, recommended 4-6 per year, first one is $30).


    I've read through the site and see that many of you don't like TG/CL because they use quick greening techniques, etc. So here's the question: 1) Based upon the pictures (which I'll post tonight and also the fact that there is heavy clover and some crabgrass), do you think I should use TG/CL? 2) Should I continue my own program with Scott's (or Lesco as many of you suggest) and 3) If I proceed with either TG/CL or my own program will applying a weed killer brown a good portion of my lawn for the entire summer? --if so, should I skip the weed killer and just apply fertilizer and wait to the fall for the weed killer?

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    Lawn Pic 1, big view. More to follow...

  3. mc1169

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    Second Pic. Better close up. One more or two more after this...

  4. mc1169

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    Not only do I have clover but also this ugly stuff...

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    TGCL will get your lawn looking better much quicker than using granular fert yourself.
    I just don't like their business practices.
    It seems as though you've got as many weeds as grass by your pics so be prepared for seeding and such if you actually want a lawn.
    Liquid apps of herbicides and ferts are much faster acting and in the case of herbicides much more effective.
    If you don't use TGCL try someone else that does liquid apps for the next year,after that it can be reasonably maintained by using scotts or other granular type ferts.
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    to get rid of clover you really need a broadleaf herbicide, that's usually only available in liquid and only to commercial sprayers. you might see if you have a lesco or a farmers co-op nearby that is willing to sell it to you, but you have to know how to apply it. check with local laws about applying these types of chemicals also.
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    If I apply a broadleaf herbicide, or if TG/CL does it for me, should I expect a lot of browning? I don't want my lawn to look like crap for the entire summer.

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    Call up TGCL, Tell them to service you.

    After they do, call up and say your not happy. They may offer a follow up app. Take it if its several weeks after their first.

    Then HARD cancel them and ask for a FULL refund.

    Then in Sept put down a weed and feed (Scotts, whatever), follow that with a straight fert app in Dec.

    Do a good overseed in October.

    Plan on starting your first round of Crabgrass in March next year, and go from there.

    Make sure you point out to TGCL your concern about the oxials, buckhorn, clover and ground ivy. They're all VERY hard to kill.
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    Thanks for the help everyone however now I have the following 2 questions:

    1) IF TGCL comes and sprays there stuff, should I expect a good portion of my lawn to brown

    2) Do I overseed in the fall--and if so, what tools should I use for this? Suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  10. TLS

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    If they spray, the weeds will slowly wilt and die. It's not an instant brown like Round-Up.

    The existing grass that you DO have will get a good shot of Nitrogen and help it to spread and thicken.

    You can either rent a slit seeder, or simply hand rake to loosen soil, or rent an aerator then overseed.

    Apply a starter fert. with this seed.

    Good Luck.

    Look at it this way. Which do you prefer, a green weedy lawn or a sparce but improving weed free lawn.

    You may even be happy with TGCL. They've screwed me plenty, so I have no sympathy. That's why I recommended taking advantage of their money back policy.

    Good Luck

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